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Skywatch Friday


I hope that you all had a good friday the 13th! Today’s post if for Skywatch Friday.



Watch out, here comes my bass solo!

More about the Sant Andreu Jazz Band here. They are very young and very good. You can find them on Youtube as well.

No worries, doggie!


As the gat won’t do you no harm. He is 28 years old, after all!

Fernando Botero’s Cat (gat, in catalan) was purchased by Barcelona City Council in 1987. From then until 2003 the cat wandered the city’s streets in search of a permanent site. His first stop-off point was the Parc de la Ciutadella, near his fellow animals at Barcelona Zoo. Then he was taken to a site by the Olympic Stadium, and a few years later he was put in a little square behind Barcelona’s medieval shipyards. Finally, in 2003, the decision was taken to move him to a permanent location at the end of the newly created Rambla del Raval. It is maybe because cats have nine lives, that he has made his presence so strongly felt. Everybody recognises the figure of the bronze cat, with his chubby, rounded form, childish features and long tail. The sculpture has become an integral part of one of Barcelona’s most widely redeveloped areas and is a favourite meeting place. Some brave souls even clamber onto the cat’s back to have their photos taken.



As it says on the box…


… this is the entrance to an old bomb shelter, nowadays a somewhat creepy tourist attraction.

Planet Poblenou


You too can create your own planet! This is la planeta del Poblenou, complete with Hilton hotel and a beach!


Ageing: the giant bubbles!


Oh the joy in the kid’s face.


Hanging out, having a Bud…

SONY DSC 2 beauties, letting all hanging out in the sun.


A stork brought me

_MG_9865-Edit It’s true, my mum told me! So please stop that silly nonsense about cabbages (WTF) or maternity wards!!!


Ageing: Daddy’s here to protect me!


Carrying on with this month’s City Daily Photo’s theme day.

Ageing: a strong guy


Man loves dogs


At the Boqueria, Europe’s coolest market.

More B&W for this weekend right here.

Still not Barcelona


One more photo of my hometown (see yesterday’s post). We have a cathedral, Notre Dame, our Lady, which happens to be exactly 1000 years old. One of the side chapels, in the west wing.

Not Barcelona!


As many of you know, I am not in BCN anymore. I am in Strasbourg, France, my hometown, this being for health reasons. All BCN photos are taken from a rather expansive archive, 6 years worth of photos, 110.000 of them.Many many more BCN posts to come!

This here is the area known as La Petite France.

And Weekend Reflections are right here.

City Daily Photo’s monthly theme day: ageing…


Ageing, yes. But gracefully!

Click here to see what other participants did.

A weekend reflection


Color, or black and white? Why choose, if you can have both!
More weekend reflections right here!

Casa Batlló


Some detail of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, on a screen. Surreal.

Old dog…


… but still learning new tricks.
I mean on Adobe Lightroom, not the one with the 4 balls and the sardines… Don’t ask.
Photo taken on a Barcelona-bound ferry.

And don’t forget on sunday the City Daily Photo theme day, all about aging.

And for once, here is the original shot:


Everywhere you go, always take…


… your hula hoops with you. Specially should you be in a crowded house, place…

The celebration


No idea what the event was, but wishing them all the best nevertheless!

Surf is on!


But all surfer dudes and dudettes will agree with me: let’s have a drink first!

Just a walk in the park…




Some funny publicity in a clothes shop on Passeig de Gracia. To see more b&w, click here, and here for more reflections.

Playing with fire


An evening at the Circ Raluy, an traditional circus, without animals being kept in tiny cages in the cold.



Part of the Horta park, north Barcelona. One of my favorite places in town! There is even a maze, so you can… get lost!

El mercat antic del Born


The old covered market in the Born, now a culture center, complete with 2000 years old roman street. A must see!

The grey


This is BCN too… Well, at least they have the seaview.

Nice weather!

Barceloneta w 023_tonemapped-Edit

It might be winter, but the weather is often nice enough to have a warm drink in the sun.

Post 1800


Some flowers, just for you.

The wooden goat


As I couldn’t find or take a photo of a wooden goat, here is one I took in the year of the rabbit. Happy chinese new year of the wooden goat!

Even in a big city…


More weekend reflections here.

Catedral del Mar


So many things in Barcelona are sea-related. Well, it is one of the main port on the Med.
Anyway, this is in my opinion the most elegant church in town, Santa Maria de la Ribera, the cathedral of the sea. You might have read Ildefonso Falcone’s book about about it, a local bestseller. More about the church here.

Going to the great sea


On the bridge going to the Maremagnum (latin: great sea, meaning the Med) shopping center, in the old port, Port Vell.

Woman loves phone


Dog wants to play



Sometimes… Very rarely, we have this…mist coming out of nowhere. Magical mist. And sometimes, very rarely, we can see the lost city of Atlantis. A flicker of the eye, and it’s gone again…

Late night


Many shops are open till 10 PM, to the great convenience of many working people. Need a carrot or chocolate late in the evening? No problem, mate! Although the same shops tend to close from 2 to 5 PM: siesta time. So, no chocolate, you wouldn’t want to disturb a spaniard taking a nap, no no no!
The baker at the Pi church.

Port Vell


Another view of Port Vell, the old port. You might have noticed: I LOVE BOATS!!!

More on my new website, paintings with my camera!

Paintings with my camera

Barceloneta w 055_tonemapped-Edit

A little publicity today, for myself. I recently started this project/website, taking some of my photos, and transforming them into paintings, using mainly Adobe Lightroom, and several plug-ins. Want to see more? It’s right here!

BTW, this is the W hotel, facing the Desigual HQ.



It snowed last night in the hills surrounding Barcelona! Seriously! Happens now and then. It is predicted that the snow will fall downtown later today!

Archive photo from 2009.

Seacloud 2


The Seacloud 2 in front of the World Trade Center.

And no: it is not a painting!

The contender


Yesterday was the City Daily Photo family’s monthly theme day, what would I miss most from Barcelona. Well, I’ve already left, living in the snowy north-east of France now. This photo above came as a close contender… Barcelona is also about food, local catalan food, spanish food (tapas and so on), but also international food. You get it all here, from a french fondue to a fusion of peruvian and japanese food, kebabs galore, donuts, thai, the list is endless. Noticeable are fried kids, or barbecued korean… All seen on some badly translated menus.


Monthly theme day: what would… Oh look, there is Superman on the roof!


What would you miss most, should you have to leave the city where you are blogging from? Not an easy one, so many things come to mind. Would it be the beaches, would it be the culture scene, coffee, the 100-odd museums in town? No, no a single thing, but rather all of them combined in what I would call the spirit of Barcelona, the sheer cheerful craziness of the place. As I’m not living there anymore, I perfectly know what I miss.

See more here!



Hi neighbor


Friendly but shy moggie in the neighborhood.

Reflection on a Christmas tree


At Prat airport, a while back. What do you think about it?



… is my favorite bench in town, the one in the Caixaforum museum!



Stands for Agua de Barcelona, the waterworks. The tower. The tower has obviously many nicknames, none of them having with do it’s actual function as an office building. The most popular of them is about… male waterworks… Very unfortunately (to me, anyway), to access the top floor, you have to work there. Open to the public is the ground floor, where they tell you where to pay your water bill.
The thinggy is actually blue, you know. And french.

Sailing away… Rule of thirds

2014_01_19_3150 Fed up with Barcelona? Easy: just take a ferry to Italy, Africa, the balearic islands (Ibiza…)… Many nice places out there! In 24 hours, after cruising the Med, you can be in, for example, Livorno. Nice place. 20 km further (by land), you could have a pizza in Pisa, just next to the leaning tower. And I swear: you cannot beat an italian pizza!!!!! Buonissime pizze italiane!!!

A naked woman riding an unicorn?


I KNEW IT! I wasn’t high, didn’t have to much coffee! I swear I saw that naked chick on the funny horsey! Here is the proof!


An artist


6th post in a row about painting, this one being about one of the painters on the Ramblas. You like painting? Check out some of my own works here, where I merge photography and painting. Painting with my camera.



The CAC, city of arts and science in Valencia. Enjoy! And yes, it was originally a photo, a jpeg, before I tweaked it.



Carrying on with my little series about art in Barcelona. While I was taking this photo, an elderly gent standing next to me commented: loco, crazy.What would you had answered? I told him: loco, pero bueno, crazy but good.



Yet another one of Alice’s masterworks! One of the many things I miss from Barcelona…
Didn’t I tell you? I’m not there anymore…



The whale, this is what we call this big structure on the seafront in Barcelona.
No, wait… According to Frank Gehry who built it for the 92 Olympics, it is actually a giant goldfish. Ok with this, it is red indeed, made of copper and steal.

About the style of this photo ((no, I did not paint. Although, I did…), more about it on my brand new website, the painting camera, merging photography and painting. Feel free to browse.And who knows, you might want to buy a picture…

Doggy in the lamplight!


How much for the doggy in the window?


Dear colleagues…


Some of my former colleagues in Barcelona were kind of scary… Fun, but… yeah, scary.




It’s magic, and it’s every weekend in Montjuic, in front of the National Art Museum of Catalunya, the MNAC




Looks sometimes quite ‘hitchcocky’ in the Port Vell area… Be afraid, be very afraid of the white bombs!

Cafe at Gaudi’s


A nice place to a coffee, is the little bar at Casa Batllo, on Passeig de Gracia

Arc de Triumf


This is Barcelona!


A few mates, a cool drink… How would you enjoy your trip to Barcelona? You’re coming, right?!
Oh, and bring your water gun!

Monday Murals


A mural in Pararel. Linking to Oakland Daily Photo.



The crooked ‘tower’ on Barceloneta beach

Добро пожаловать в МИР


Welcome to the World, Mir in russian! Isn’t she gorgeous, the white princess from up north!

Good day


Tomorrow, a sunny day in town, 16 degrees. Ideal for a stroll on the beach. And why not a bit of lunch in the sun!



A reflection near the big chinese restaurant on the Ramblas.



By Francisco Javier Olea

Long live Charlie!

I know what you did last summer!


Well, maybe I don’t. But I truly wish you were fortunate enough to find yourself a nice place to spend the summer, be it sea or mountain. And for me, AND I REALLY NEED SUMMER RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE!

Special message to some good friends of mine in the scorching heat of Western Australia (the hottest day in ages there): winter will be back. In a few months, wont be long now. Lol.

El bar rojo


A 5 years old Jpeg photo, from a non-DSLR, 3 MP camera. The so-called red bar, just behind the city hall. Nothing that a few tweakings can’t save from Jpeg hell, with the help of Saint Lightroom and Saint Photoshop, alleluia!

Are you looking at me???


…or am I looking at you? Did you bring something to eat? Is it in your bag? Don’t you think it smells fishy here? I love the smell of fish in the morning!

One for the ladies?


The perfume museum. Hmm, only for the ladies? I don’t think so!



Next time you’re having a cafe solo (italian: un espresso) at the Mayor’s office, be sure to check the corridors… Many nice surprises, like this charming corner.

Bon any 2558!


Special wishes to Thailand, for they have the year 2558 over there! Guys, we’re so living in the past!


And the winner is…


It was a year with many ups, but also with a few downs, mainly healthwise. Specially one, who left me… different.
Therefore this photo. She definitely is different! And there is such a great joy and life in her. She is my favorite.

Join us to see this year’s ‘best of’. Us, the City Daily Photographers. Just click here.

Let me introduce myself…


That’s me allright! Wishing ya’all a hippy new year!

Assemblea del Raval


The Assemblea del Raval is, as far as I know, a group fighting for what makes life good in the Raval. An anarchist group, but let not the cliche frighten you. Just just ordinary people, trying to make life good for themselves, and their neighbors.

Best of 2014, part 2

Best of 2014 2

And now for the vertical photos. Again, please click for a much better viewing experience.

Best of 2014… Part 1, the horizontals.

best of 2014 1

Like every year, here comes the time to choose the best shots of the year.

Like every year, this is so hard.

Like every year, a sample of my favourites. Starting with the horizontal photos. Which is your favourite one?

You will want to click on the photo(s) for a better view.

Benvinguts a Circ Raluy, let’s be kids again!


The Circus Raluy, in town from 28th november 2014 to 1st march 2015 !

Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all work out in the end.
David Niven

Now this is Christmas


Bones festes!


Happy Christmas to everybody!

Oh the joy!


Nobody loves me!


Well, his mother probably does. But in Catalunya, not much love is lost on Mr Rajoy, the spanish prime minister (or El Presidente), third on this picture. The third on the right, that is. Right, that he likes anyway, being on the right side.

The out-of-towner


An Andalus in Catalunya,

El Pudding


Pudding, probably the best cafe in BCN. The most colourful one, for sure.




I am originally from Strasbourg, France. Now and then, I like seeing things reminding me of home. Even though I am not a beer drinker.
A fish restaurant in the Boqueria market


Sandwich, pinxos, caipirinha


Friendly guy at the entrance of the Boqueria market.

Shadow play in the cathedral



The Werewolf Rock!



Once in a blue moon


The whale is waiting…

… for you!


The alternative house on the Rambla del Raval


Christmas times in Barcelona…

No, I’m not in BCN at the moment, but I have over 57.000 photos of Barcelona to play with…

Columbus in autumn


I’m in Paris. The view from my hospital room, as I had a stroke 4 weeks ago in Macedonia. Surgery on Monday.

Eat more ice cream

As seen in Paris, recently. Could not agree more.

Barcelona blues

Blues, and other colors, of course. The Westin hotel, as seen from Barceloneta beach.


The exit of the Port Vell, with the Westin hotel in the background.
Some of you asked me about this style of photos… I use Lightroom 5, playing mostly with the details section, the sharpening and the noise reduction, with some DFine 2 as well.


Yes, once you managed to cross, to survive the maze in Horta, you absolutely have the right to proudly posing for the survivor photo.

Pastor de Pau

The great fountains on Plaza de Catalunya. The statue is called Pastor de Pau, peace shepherd, or peaceful shepherd, a fine example of noucentisme sculptures, the spanish avant-garde. Made by a very interesting man called Pablo Gargallo, who spent a significant part of his life in the Montparnasse quarter of Paris, where he lived in 1903 in the artists commune Le Bateau Lavoir, with Max Jacob, Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso….

Dali did it

The small fountain near Salvador Dali’s home in Figueres, north of Barcelona.

Tintin y Milu

Many very specialised hops in BCN!

Take me to your island

One of the ferries I was telling you about last night.

Shooting into the sun, part…???

Cruise ship season is almost over, but we still have the ferries to the Balearics, Italy, Morocco… The next ship will arrive, one day.