Barcelona, a photo a day


Action shots 2

Some more acrobatics/antics from those guys.

Something else… I discovered this GREAT foody blog. Have a look!

December theme day: action shot

It’s theme day again, this month’s theme being: action shot.

Well, here is one of the members of a group I spotted last spring, doing acrobatics next to the Corte Ingles superstore. They were absolutely BRILLIANT!

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Down Under

Now… Why is this guy upside down, you might ask… Well, several reasons. 1- he is an artist, an acrobat. 2 – he is Australian, he probably thinks we’re upside down, not him. Therefore the strange pose. 3- that’s the way he makes a living.

And a big HELLO!!!!! to all our friends, family, followers and supporters in Oz and NZ!