Barcelona, a photo a day

Agbar tower

Early morning…

The view from my office at around 7.45 AM, with the AGBAR tower in the back. No, it is not a giant suppository, it is the HQ of the water company!

Skywatch Friday, aka post 972

And one more early December sunrise, for Skywatch Friday. It kind of gladdens my mind to see this just before starting my working day at 8 AM.

Skywatch Friday

And yet another fine sundown, as seen from our terrace.

Skywatch Friday, season 4, episode 47.


It has been a while since I last posted the AgBar tower, the Agua de Barcelona, the waterworks here, HQ. Well, here is a close up. There are many people working in there, many offices. Shame that you can’t actually visit it!

Blue in the night

The AgBar Tower was lit last night. Here is as close I could get to it, with a 450 lens, 0.400 seconds, aperture 5.6, no flash or tripod used.

Theme of the month: changes

This month’s theme is: changes.
We are living in front of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona. Here are the views we had of the tower last night, around midnight to celebrate the new year. Once a year, the colors change!!!

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And once again, happy new year, bon any to all!

Skywatch Friday: soooo early!

I am usually getting up very early, and this is what greets me pretty much every morning: an absolutely glorious sky! Picture as I took it from our terrace, with the Agbar Tower in the foreground. Bit shaky, was’nt really totally awake yet.

Several people wanted to see a picture of the Agbar Tower at night. Well, here it is, once again taken from my terrace.
And to answer Hilda’s question, they change the colors once a year (I think), on new year’s eve: green, yellow, etc, with a big countdown till next year.

Torre Agbar

I am a really lucky guy! Yeah! Amongst other reasons, I am fortunate enough to have a large terrace in my flat on the last floor of my building, and this is the view! The thing in the back, the same you can see in the title bar, is the Torre Agbar, Agbar Tower, so called because it is the headquarter of the Barcelona Waterwork, AGua de BARcelona, therefore AG BAR.

A few facts… 142 meters, built by the french architect Jean Nouvel, sustainable, and illuminated at night (on weekends and public holidays). They also have a nice website,, check it out!

Anyway, this is the view from the breakfast table!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget… Thanks for all your comments, nice morale booster! And I am extremely happy to welcome my first follower, Julie from down under!