Barcelona, a photo a day


Silent majesty

I love Ciutadella park , specially in autumn. Makes me want to paint it.

A lady

She came prepared. Slippers, gloves, jacket, folding chair. And of course the umbrella to ward of the very hot sun.
She came to see the airplanes, the airshow.

And to be really sure to stay fresh on this very hot day, she sat next to the… shower.


Just before arriving at my favorite beach, there is this skating ground/place. As I was a bit early for the airshow on sunday, I decided to risk my life, and got a bit closer to the action. This is what came out, some guy almost landing in the bold spot on top of my head! Was close!

This for Our World Tuesday. Have a look!

Skywatch Friday

During the Barcelona Air Show, last summer, with a 450mm lens…

Skywatch Friday, once again! Click here, and be mesmerized!