Barcelona, a photo a day


My latest atempt

This one is specially for Don and Krise.


Big Boy!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of Snowflake, who was the only albino gorilla ever seen. Well, Snowflake died 6 years ago, but he had 35 kids (yet, thirty five). And they also had kids. None of them is white, but this grandson of his is an absolutely beautiful silverback. What a beauty!
I’m 6 foot 3, 1m87 tall. But that little guy, even though he was 15 meters away (and behind some strong glass), literally dwarfed me. You have to see him to get a measure of the incredible power emanating from him. I don’t know his name, unfortunately. Let’s call him Big Boy.

Yet another BIG picture!!!

Window shopping

Right. This is one of a kind. I explain: if there is something I very rarely do, it is taking pictures of shop windows. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I should do it more. Who knows.

Anyway, this is one I really liked. All kind of weird creatures roaming a shop window in the old town, near the Cathedral. Looks almost like some kind of strange rockabilly/funk/punk/glitterati music band. One of them might actually be Gary Glitter… Or is it Saint Saens’s Carnival of the animals? Questions, questions, so many questions…
Good night, or good day all.

Message to VP: yes, Grimaldi Lines go from here to Livorno, Sardegna and Civitavecchia.

And also: I’m having a few very busy and very exhausting days, and I can’t roam your blogs as much as I would love to. Should be back to normal in a short while.

Parrots, finally!

There are quite a lot of these green parrots living free in Barcelona, but they are very shy, and therefore really hard to catch on camera. This afternoon, just below Montjuic Castle, I came across this little gang and, oh joy, they weren’t shy at all. I managed to go very close without them flying away. They are as big as a common pigeon, to give you an idea of their size.

Barcelona zoo! A very restless bear, just walking in circles in his small enclosure. Until… Until people started throwing him food, despite of the signs (do not feed…). One big happy bear!

This picture was taken in one of the 2 cathedrals in Barcelona. No, not in Sagrada Familia, but in the old one, Santa Eulalia, in the Bari Gotic, the one that’s actually finished (even though they are revamping it right now).
There is a beautiful cloister in the compound, with a 14th century urinal, and some geese. Cool and shady place, a very welcome break from the heat in the summer.