Barcelona, a photo a day


Watery Wednesday 132

Weahey , it’s Wednesday again! Time for some watery photos. Here is one, just above, taken by Mandy. You want to see more? No problem, just click here! Don’t wait, do it just after leaving your comment! Thank you very much!


Another rather nice shot from the Barcelona Aquarium

We’re going away for a couple of days,going to a VERY cold place, and the access to internet will be scarce. So, the next postings will be automated. We will visit all your nice blogs as often as we can!

Gone fishing…200th post!

I still have to go fishing… in my archives, as I don’t really have a lot of possibilities to go…hunting for photos.
So, this was taken last summer in the Barcelona aquarium. Don’t ask what fish it is: all I know is that it is yellow.
Oh yeah: this is my 200th post. Will celebrate with a nice dinner. No, no fish.

And also: welcome to Fida, our 181st follower!