Barcelona, a photo a day

Barri Gotic

Barri Gotic

A traditional street sign in the old town.
What is carved in the stone is the name of the building, casa de la… I just can’t read the last word.

Living statue

A living statue. Quite a few of them around, specially on the Ramblas (check the very public toilet I posted earlier). Many of them are actually really inventive, really good. I found this one in the Casc Gotic, near the cathedral.
How it works: they stand there, frozen, until someone puts some money in the hat or basket commonly found near them. Then suddenly starts a flurry of activity, as they obviously need to uncramp (not sure if this word exists, but you know what I mean, I’m sure) their muscles. Usually something funny, getting shot by a cowboy, or bitten by a vampire, funny things like that.
This one just made a few steps and froze again. Why not.

Well, 2 good news today… IT’S RAINING!!!!!!!!!
And, according to a local newspaper, El Periodico, Forbes says that Barcelona is the third happiest town on earth, after Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. Melbourne comes next. What do you think about, people from Rio, Sydney and Melbourne? And other places?

And what does it actually mean??? For myself, I believe it’s just hot air, nothing more, just pure nonsense.


This is at the entrance of the Arxiu Municipal, the City Archive.
I was not able to find out who did this, but his idea of justice was like this: the idea of justice soars high, like a swallow, but in real life, it is rather like a turtle, slow and earthbound.

My coup de coeur, aka blog of note for today is for the beautiful small town of Sintra, near Lisbon. It is a world heritage site, and it is fantastic. Please click here to see more of it! It is a glorious eden!

Let the music play!

Welcome back to Barcelona, with some more music! Plenty of music everywhere, every day! There isn’t a day without some free concerts in parks, classic, jazz, world music, etc. I lived in many places around the world, but Barcelona is without a doubt the most musical one.
Buskers in every street in the old town, in metro stations, trains, buses, on the beaches… Here is one I really liked, he really is an accordion virtuoso, despite of the statue’s bored face. He was playing next to the Santa Maria del Pi Church, famous place for choirs, fantastic acoustics.
Here is some more information about the guy in the back, Àngel Guimerà

Lamp angel

I will be away for a couple of days, leaving Spain, but not leaving Catalunya. Going to Catalogne, which is the french part of Catalunya. Same as the Basque country, a bit of it in Spain, the rest in France. Holidays!!!!! Seaside and mountains!
Anyway, not sure if I will be able to post “live”, and not sure I will be able to visit all your wonderful blogs either, but I should be back on wednesday or thursday.
This is one of the nicer lamps I’ve seen here so far. Is it an angel, is it a butterfly? One thing is sure: he is a painter. Enjoy!

Santa Eulalia

Shady place in the cloister, Santa Eulalia Cathedral

Books: 1 kg for 3 euros!

Hello, everybody! Great day! I have found out how to put bigger pictures on the blog, thanks to Jilly, Hilda, Arnaud, from the CDP community! Thanks! Yep, bigger is sometimes better! Enjoy!

Orfeo Catala

The Catalan Orpheon, aka the Palau de la Musica Catalana, one of Barcelona’s 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, celebrated today el Dia de la Musica, World Music Day, by opening it’s doors for free. The Palau was inaugurated in 1908, and is a wonderful example of Catalan Modernist style. If you want to know more about it, please go here.
I don’t know if the World Music Day is celebrated worldwide… It started in France in 1982, when Jack Lang, Minister of Culture, decided to celebrate summer by a big party. Basically, everybody started making music in the street, free concerts everywhere… It is now celebrated in many countries, even in Bahrain, so I heard today. Is it celebrated in your country?
Here is what Wiki has to say about it.

Happy pills!

You can buy many many things in Barcelona… Found this in a shop called Happy Pills. No, no drugs, just a very simple solution to everyday’s blues and… Well, just check the list above!

These are… sweets!

Courtesy of my friend ML, whom I lead there.

Someone asked me for some more food pictures. Well, here is one, taken in the old town, outside a restaurant with the very french name of “los caracoles” (the snails)!
Cooking in the street, or was it just some way to attract clients? Well, no snails anyway, just some chicken.

Street entertainers, part 1

Spotted this guy during a stroll in the old town, playing a tune with his pet rabbit.