Barcelona, a photo a day


Harley Days 2013

Once again, the bikers are in town for the biggest European Harley Davidson meet. Lots to see and to do, demo rides, watching beautiful bikes and bikers, music (today is Elvis day), line dancing, eating, drinking…


Is it a bike? Or is it a trike?

 Big scandal in BCN… The public rent-a-bike company, Bicing, used by tens of thousands of people, will raise it’s prices, from January. We used to pay 45 euros a year. From next year, it will be 97.50 a year… Inflation, Barcelona style, just over 116%. So there might be a big boom on bicycle sales before the end of this year.

Wind in your hair…

…if it wasn’t for the helmets. Good way to spend a scorching summer day. Watch out for sunburns, though.

Harley days Barcelona 2012: surf’s up!

Groovy baby! What more does a dude need?
Let me show you some Harleys!

And a couple of oldtimers

But you know, what I learned during those Harley days, is that you better start young. Like them…

So now, from all those wonderful machines, which one would you…adopt? I’d go for the surfing one!

Harley days Barcelona 2012: details

Not just Elvis: Marylin was here as well, together with some stranger birds…

And what’s a biker without biker chicks???

Harley days Barcelona 2012: the parade

The most eagerly expected event during this year’s Harley days was the parade. Imagine 15.000 (no, no typing error: fifteen thousand) Harleys from 20 countries going on a stroll all around the town… The noise was quite incredible, sweet and strong (ok, I’m biased). Have a look…

The press was there as well, obviously. That’s how they did it……..

Guess this driver must have felt a bit daft… Well, just a job, innit?

That’s our world!


Neighbor’s bike.

HOG time? High time!

The HOGs are back! It is the yearly Barcelona Harley weekend,complete with bikes, beards, uniforms, and biker chicks. And, of course, the usual decorations, such as this one:
 They’re here as well:
I will come back to the bikes themselves in a short while. Enjoy your weekend everybody! 
BTW, HOG stands for Harley Owner Group. Wish I was one!