Barcelona, a photo a day



Yes, you guessed it, this is my post 1500! Yeah! Can’t believe it myself! So, to celebrate, I chose to post about the silliest photo of myself I could find, taken in our swimming pool in Larnaka, Cyprus, a few months before we moved here (via India, don’t ask) and I started this.
1500 posts. Seems quite a milestone. I learned an awful lot about photography, I believe I got much better at it… This is for you to decide, of course.
I made quite a lot of friends through this, you know who you are.
I had to slow down recently, as we have an absolutely awful internet connection, and no foreseeable way to improving it. What took a couple of minutes before, takes now an hour or longer, and unfortunately, days only have 24 hours. I am happy when I manage to post 3 or 4 times a week. I can only post when the b….y internet is working!
Also, we will most likely move abroad soon. Which will mark the end of this blog, and the start of a new adventure. Will tell you more when I know more. Meanwhile, enjoy my photos!

Marie de Montpellier, when BDP meets MDP

It is always a very great pleasure to meet a fellow blogger! Of course, we couldn’t fail meeting lovely Marie, from Montpellier Daily Photo! Thank you Marie for telling us we look so much younger than we are! We’ll be back! After all, we’re just 320 km away, 200 miles.

Photo courtesy of Mandy, of course.

Monthly theme day: photo of the year

Amongst many of my favorites…

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Arabesque and Pepperoni!

We were very very happy to welcome in our city and in our home fellow bloggers Arabesque and Pepperoni, all the way from Mabuhay Manilla last night! We had a very lovely evening together!

We’ll be going to France for a week today, so this blog will be on holidays. See you all on the 28th.