Barcelona, a photo a day



Part of the new shopping center in the former bullring. Some vents, I suppose.

The bullring

Right. We’re in Spain. In Spain, we have bullrings. Here is a different kind… After being built in the early 20th century, after a long onslaught, it closed down, and was remodeled into what it is now, a brand new shopping center, Las Arenas. It wasn’t easy. Due to the worldwide economic crisis, the works stopped for almost a year. But it finally opened 3 weeks ago. Inside? The same high-street shops you can find  everywhere else, plus the first ever museum of rock in Europe. And a great view over Barcelona from the top, or so they say: too many people when we tried to go there.
Here is what inside looks like.

About the museum of rock, I will show it to you when it will be possible to enter the place without having to queue for endless hours. Soon!
And yes, bullfighting will be illegal in Catalunya from January 2012. About time, no? What do you think about bullfighting?