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Traveling back in time…

Look who traveled through our area yesterday morning! Yes, it is the 2013 Barcelona to Sitges classic car rally! Enjoy these few photos, and don’t you just think that cars were so much more beautiful in those times?

Welcome to Monte Carlo!

Well, not quite… Barcelona is one of the concentration legs of the 16th Historical Monte Carlo Rally. Historical meaning in this case that the cars are from between the 50es and the 80es. Here are some of them.

Some more info about the Rally here. And you might be able to see them arriving in Monte Carlo, 684.5 km away, on Jilly’s Monte Carlo Daily Photo Blog, if she can make it of course.

53rd Barcelona to Sitges Old Car Rally

Together with at least a hundred more photographers, most of them with much more impressive and expensive equipment than mine, I went to see the cars participating at this year’s Barcelona to Sitges rally. Some beauties! Judge for yourselves. Hard to choose among the 80 or 90 cars which one to post, so here is a small sample… Which one would you want to be yours?

Weren’t they so much nicer than today’s cars??!!!