Barcelona, a photo a day


Just another day at the Barcelona office

 One of my coworkers, Morgane.

That’s me, being savagely attacked by a hungry monkey!

Beauty and the beast?

China girl


The clown and the pussycat

Welcome to the dead zone!


Pulp, fiction or reality?

100% Belgium


Yeah man.

Have a banana now, it’s good for you!

Once a year…

Yeah, carnival at work! And gosh, do we let our hair down! Or up… As for me, I most definitively had a big-hair day!

Mad at work…

Once a year, we’re going totally mad at work. Mad. It’s CARNIVAL! Yipeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
Guess on which photo the author of these lines is…

Carnival at work

Some of my younger colleagues (and myself) celebrated Carnival at work last friday. I took the easy way: as I am living at about 3 minutes walking distance from my office, I just came in my PJs, bathrobe, hot water bottle and slippers. Easy. No need to dress up.
We had a lot of fun!
And we didn’t do a lot of work…

Map picture

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