Barcelona, a photo a day


C’est la Catalogne!

Greetings from the lovely french seaside resort of Argeles-sur-Mer, in Catalan Argelers de la Merenda. It is France, but it also still is Catalunya, or Catalogne in French. I like to call the french part of it Northern Catalunya, or Roussillon (in Catalan Rossello) The people here, some of them anyway, speak a very close cousin to our Catalan south of the border.
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We’re here to celebrate France’s 14 juillet, or Bastille Day, with fireworks and dancing, yeah!

Monthly theme day: electricity

Oooops, I totally forgot this month’s theme day, about electricity. Therefore, a second post for today, a photo taken from a speeding train in french Catalunya.

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Skywatch Friday

One more photo from my trip to France, a few weeks ago. It’s not Barcelona, but it’s still northern Catalunya. Photo as I took it, straight out of the camera, for once.
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Going fishing…. On this:

I wish!

My World Tuesday, right here!

Other news… I (that’s Rob) turned 50 yesterday, Monday. That makes me officially what they call in French a ‘quinquagenaire’. Oh well.

Market day in North Catalunya

How to choose a good melon? One of the last great remaining mysteries on this planet.

We spent the weekend in Argeles sur Mer (catalan: Argelers de la Merenda), in the french part of Catalunya. And yes, Saturday was market day. And no, I did not forget the camera!

Before you buy, you need to check the ware! And if you’re good at it, you’ll get the best tomatoes in the world!

PS, much later… I slightly re-modeled this post, as many of you seem to prefer what is now the first photo.

Watery Wednesday

An archive photo about our holidays in the north, in July last year.
I am mending, did even sleep a bit last night!

This is for Watery Wednesday, episode 95.