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Will and George


23 april 303… The day a young soldier from Lod, in present day Israel, an officer in the Roman army in the Guard of the Emperor Diocletian, lost his life for failing to repudiate his Christian faith. He was called George, he was 28. The rest is legend.

In Catalunya, his name is Jordi.  Today, according to tradition couples exchange gifts: a book for the men and a rose for the women. The Rambla is filled with book stalls, and rose vendors, doing brisk business.

The picture above (no photo today) was created by 2 very talented people: my friend Leonardo Rodriguez, and his daughter Laetitia. Here they are, actually creating this poster.

Also…399 years ago… 23 april 1616. The day the greatest playwright ever died. Rest in peace, Will Shakespeare.

Time to reveal something about me… I am Rob, but my second name is Georges. Beware, dragons, bankers, politicians!

The celebration


No idea what the event was, but wishing them all the best nevertheless!


And the winner is…


It was a year with many ups, but also with a few downs, mainly healthwise. Specially one, who left me… different.
Therefore this photo. She definitely is different! And there is such a great joy and life in her. She is my favorite.

Join us to see this year’s ‘best of’. Us, the City Daily Photographers. Just click here.

Oh the joy!


14 juillet 2012

Let’s go back to the lovely city of Argelers de la Marenda, in north Catalunya, France. Here is what french do in the morning of July 14th, France’s national day, Bastille Day: le defile. The fanfare municipale comes first, of course…
…closely followed by the veterans,
the firemen, aka pompiers,
police and the gendarmes.
And of course, the mayor, monsieur le maire. Vive la France!

Elvis Catala

As everybody should know by now (check the movie Men in Black if you don’t believe me), the King is alive. And speaks fluent Catalan! He was the special guest of the Harley Days. Good voice!

It’s raining men!

After days of sweltering heat, this year’s Gay Pride ended yesterday with a parade and a bang! A nice thunderstorm, rain, wind, the works, at the very moment the parade started moving. Thank God, the marines were here!
As for me, I swam home.

 She (he?) looked happy!

And the guy standing at the edge of the crowd, with his ‘homosexuality is a sin’ banner, seemed happy as well. Maybe he saw the storm as a sign…


A rest for the eyes, after so many colors in the Palau.
This is what I saw just outside the Palau. Don’t know what was the occasion, but a belated happy something to you!

Check here to see more artworks for the Weekend in Black and White.

Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi celebrations in Sitges, last Sunday. over 160.000 carnations used to transform the narrow streets into lush carpets.

And here is how they did it.

Closed for maintenance

The Magic Fountain, Fons Magica, is closed for maintenance. It will reopen on March the 2nd, usual time, with an even better light, water and music show!
Meanwhile, if you look into the crystal ball below, you might get a glimpse… Or a dream.

This is our world on Tuesday.

Once a year…

Yeah, carnival at work! And gosh, do we let our hair down! Or up… As for me, I most definitively had a big-hair day!

A big light in the sky…

Well, this is it, the big 1000. 1000 posts, in exactly 33 months. Thanks to all of you, the 491 followers, the 150.002 visitors (as I write this), and a special thanks to all of you who left a comment or 2. Or 200.

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Chinese new year, part 4: the photographer

Quite a few interesting stalls around, during the celebrations, all Chinese businesses in town, or Catalan companies doing business with China. One of the stalls was this one below, the photographer. One of the things they proposed was taking your photo in Chinese clothes.

Monthly theme day: animals

This month’s theme day is about animals. Which is fine, as it allows me to stay a bit longer on the Chinese new year celebration.
I realize that, even though I’ve seen those cats very often (even have one in my office), I don’t know their exact meaning. A luck bringer??? Anyone?

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The insider look

Now, have you ever been inside a Christmas tree? This is what the big one on Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, sun square, looks like.
And here is the same, from outside.

Photos courtesy of Mandy, who was there on Tuesday.


So, what do you do in Spain on New Year’s Eve (or Nochevieja in Spanish, old night)? You celebrate, have a drink, party…
And then, just before midnight, you eat one grape for each chime of the bell. 12 grapes in 12 seconds. You can actually buy small tins with exactly 12 grapes.
What else? Oh yes… To make sure to be lucky in love this coming year, you just HAVE to wear new red underpants! For sale everywhere.

OK, I could have posted a photo of some grapes. But this is more fun, no?