Barcelona, a photo a day


Earth Day festival 2013

You just have to try this on, Cinderella!


So, what do you do in Spain on New Year’s Eve (or Nochevieja in Spanish, old night)? You celebrate, have a drink, party…
And then, just before midnight, you eat one grape for each chime of the bell. 12 grapes in 12 seconds. You can actually buy small tins with exactly 12 grapes.
What else? Oh yes… To make sure to be lucky in love this coming year, you just HAVE to wear new red underpants! For sale everywhere.

OK, I could have posted a photo of some grapes. But this is more fun, no?

Pointless post

I went to a shopping mall nearby yesterday, and guess what? I saw some strange things going on.

Dude, where is my chicken?

 Some Tshirts hanging on a wooden wall… Want to know more? You can go there:

I didn’t check it out. I mean, what’s the point?

The clown

We’re having right now the annual festival of the area around the cathedral. For the 422nd year in a row! I suppose this guy is part of the festivities. Very nice outfit!

Love, sex and diamonds…

…is the name of a shop we walked in one day, selling clothes, gadgets, lamps, guitars, flower pots… Anything really.

Not just in Malawi…

Quite rare a few years ago, you can now see this sight on cars, posters, t shirts…
Why Malawi? They try to pass a law in this country, forbidding to fart in public. Right.

Lady in red

Saw this lady in red, with dog, in a fashion shop near the cathedral. Wouldn’t you ladies want a dress made of roses?

A trendy spanish rickshaw

Friends in India and other rickshaw or tuktuk countries, here is what a trendy 3-wheeler looks like in Spain. You can see quite a lot of them, mostly around tourist attractions.
The logo, Desigual, is a Barcelona-based fashion house, very trendy, very hip.
Quoting Wikipedia:

The brand was founded in 1984 by Swiss national Thomas Meyer, founder and creative director that wanted to provide different clothes to people. Under the leadership of Manel Adell since 2002, the brand is driven by a global concern and maintains head offices in Barcelona. Desigual’s founding philosophy was based on positivism, tolerance, commitment, fun and un-levelling.

Desigual is a brand which has achieved sustained, sustainable, profitable growth in all sales channels throughout its history.

Each season the Desigual design team, comprising 25 designers, prepares a collection of over 1,000 items, counting clothes and accessories, built around one single concept, one common thread that makes the line whole resonate to the same philosophy. Real Life, Magic Stories, Luxury Feelings, Me&You, Better&Better, Wow, Life is Cool, All Together and Handmade are some of the leitmotifs that Desigual has brought to the fore.

The name Desigual means unequal, by the way.

Faster, food!

Quite a common sight in Barcelona, tshirts, jackets, bags with a supposedly funny picture or slogan.
I actually rather like this one, on someone’s jacket.
Run, pussycat, run!!!
My apologies to Luna (click HERE!) if this picture is traumatising. I’ve read somewhere that you can now get  shrinks for pets, should you need it.

Rock’n’roll, baby!

Well yeah, rock’n’roll! Maybe not everybody’s taste, what concerns baby clothes, but they… rock!