Barcelona, a photo a day


Now that’s how to make an entrance! Aka post 1648

This is the extraordinary entrance to the Cosmocaixa science museum. You actually have to spiral down, around a 30m/90 ft tall brazilian rain forest tree.
Elevators to go out…

And by the way, I almost forgot about it, but this blog celebrated it’s 5th blogaversy on may 10th. Hooray!!!!

The body electric

Back to the Cosmocaixa, Barcelona’s museum of science. I have no idea what this is called, but kids (and I) just love it!

Watery Wednesday at the Cosmocaixa science museum

HA!Boys just love this!!!

What about you, girls?

Watery Wednesday, as every Wednesday.

Cosmocaixa science museum impressions

Some interesting light effects at the entrance…

A Tyrannosaurus Rex on a diet.

Oh yeah, met Albert.

And yes, the submarine outside. Surprising place.

Watery Wednesday in the sunken forest

Inside the Science Museum, there is a sunken forest, populated with fishes, birds, snakes, a capibara, etc…

 Watery Wednesday, right here.

Cosmocaixa: the tree

No, not some futuristic ark-kind of spaceship. It is the tree in the Science Museum, aka Cosmocaixa.
What tree is it, will you ask?

Here is some more about it, as seen in HDR.

Cosmocaixa (so called because it belongs to a local bank, the Caixa), is an absolutely fantastic place. You actually enter the museum by going down the long ramp around the tree.
I’ll show you more this week.

Our world on tuesday.

Singing the body electric

Another take on this month’s theme day, electricity. Well, you can play with it, as these kids did at the Cosmocaixa, Barcelona’s science museum. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants