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Earth Day

Earth day 2015


Today is Earth day. In Barcelona, we celebrate it with a big fair this weekend at the Arc de Triomf, and…with a lot of very international food! Celebration + Barcelona = food, what else. And also a lot of music, events, alternative things to buy. Go there, it’s my favourite event of the year!

How do you didgeridoo?

They even had some antipodean stuff at the Earth Day festival! Crikey!
Hi to all our friends down under!

Earth Day festival 2013

You just have to try this on, Cinderella!

Earth Day 2013

Big Earth Day festival here last weekend, like every year. Lots of fun, of strange people, exotic food, fun, music… Here are some guys from one of the bands playing. And no, they didn’t play the Crocodile rock, but rather something much more jazzy.

We might take a small break… We are moving this coming weekend, but the telecom technician will transfer our line tomorrow. So, unless we find access to some free WiFi, or if we can use a smartphone as a WiFi hub, we’ll see you all next week.

Skywatch Friday in the wind

A celebration of wind energy was the main theme of this year’s Earth Festival, 2 weeks ago. So the organizers mounted a big…no idea what this is called… oh yeah: a pinwheel (thanks guys!) underneath the Arc de Triomf. And it was turning and humming in the wind… Here is a closer look, from behind.

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see other Skywatcher’s photos.

And yes, I missed the supermoon, and I’m extremely unhappy about it. Next time.


During the recent Earth Day festival, these people were singing and dancing in Ciutadella park. I suppose they are dressed as Mayans. And I think they had central American accents. Does anyone know more about them?

Monthly theme day: bakeries

Came across this open air ecological bakery, during last week’s earth day celebrations.
This is for our monthly theme day.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Tomorrow, we will post something about dragons and bakeries.

And here is the bread

Fiesta por la Tierra 2012, shapes and colors

A few impressions from this year’s Earth Day Festival in Barcelona.

Fira per la Terra 2011

The Earth Fair is, among many other things, an excellent place for discovering and tasting different food, or different ways of cooking. A few examples… Have a muffin whilst watching the photos, and some of Louis la Vache’s coffee (see sidebar)…

And this is a different way of cooking, the solar way…Excellent idea, but not for everybody, I guess.
That’s my world on Tuesday. Click here!

Earth Day: Tai Chi in the park

A large group of people were doing Tai Chi in the park, last saturday.

A personal note. I haven’t been feeling well during the last few months. Will spend some time in hospital from tomorrow, having some heart surgery done. Nothing major, but nevertheless… So, I’ll be posting on automatic for a while. See you soon!

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Earth Day: Ave Maria

During the Earth Day Festival, we spotted this: hemp flavored ‘special beer’. Not everybody’s taste, I suppose! Would you drink it?
As for us, we are wine drinkers.

Earth day: the greyhound

Dog races are very popular in Spain. But… What to do with the dogs, mainly greyhounds, once they’re too old or too slow? They are usually put to sleep.
Several groups here try to save them, to buy them, and they are then given for adoption.

Earth Day celebrations in Barcelona