Barcelona, a photo a day


Playing with fire


An evening at the Circ Raluy, an traditional circus, without animals being kept in tiny cages in the cold.

Things you can see on the streets…

…of Madrid.

Thankful Dragon

For the invisible man we posted yesterday, it must be quite easy during summer: I suppose he just takes his clothes off, puts on some suncream, and keeps the hat, supposing, of course, that he really is invisible. If he isn’t, no big problem: enough people roam the streets totally naked in the summer in Barcelona. Legally.
Must be much more difficult for this Dragon Man, in his very fancy, and seemingly very hot costume.

And a warm welcome to Regina from Kilauea, Hawaii, our 250th follower!

Il fait 13-14 degres en ce moment, voici le meilleur moyen de rester chaud: se deguiser en dragon. Mais le pauvre va souffrir cet ete! Pour l’homme invisible d’hier, c’est beaucoup plus facile quand il fait tres chaud: il lui suffira d’enlever ses vetements et de garder le chapeau. En supposant bien sur qu’il soit vraiment invisible… S’il ne l’est pas, ce n’est pas tres grave, beaucoup de personnes totalement nues dans les rues de notre bonne ville en ete, tout a fait legalement…

Living statue

A living statue. Quite a few of them around, specially on the Ramblas (check the very public toilet I posted earlier). Many of them are actually really inventive, really good. I found this one in the Casc Gotic, near the cathedral.
How it works: they stand there, frozen, until someone puts some money in the hat or basket commonly found near them. Then suddenly starts a flurry of activity, as they obviously need to uncramp (not sure if this word exists, but you know what I mean, I’m sure) their muscles. Usually something funny, getting shot by a cowboy, or bitten by a vampire, funny things like that.
This one just made a few steps and froze again. Why not.

Well, 2 good news today… IT’S RAINING!!!!!!!!!
And, according to a local newspaper, El Periodico, Forbes says that Barcelona is the third happiest town on earth, after Rio de Janeiro and Sydney. Melbourne comes next. What do you think about, people from Rio, Sydney and Melbourne? And other places?

And what does it actually mean??? For myself, I believe it’s just hot air, nothing more, just pure nonsense.

Very public toilet!

Street entertainers, part 1

Spotted this guy during a stroll in the old town, playing a tune with his pet rabbit.