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fira por la tiera


One of the many things to see at this year’s Earth Day fair. Excellent job!

Fira per la Terra 2011

The Earth Fair is, among many other things, an excellent place for discovering and tasting different food, or different ways of cooking. A few examples… Have a muffin whilst watching the photos, and some of Louis la Vache’s coffee (see sidebar)…

And this is a different way of cooking, the solar way…Excellent idea, but not for everybody, I guess.
That’s my world on Tuesday. Click here!

Post 700: Earth Fair.

I posted the Arc de Triomf several times before, but never like this! We’ve had this weekend the yearly Fira per la Terra, the Earth Fair.
 A very interesting and colorful event, with a message. And we support this message, 100%! Just think of what is happening in Japan right now, Three Mile Island… And of course Chernobyl, on April 26th, 1986, 25 years ago. Stop that nonsense.