Barcelona, a photo a day


Fira Mercat de Bellcaire, aka Encants

I know: it says one photo a day. Well, today, we’ll do an exception. Rules are made to be broken, innit?
Anyway, before moving out of the area, I went back to this magical place which is the fira mercat de Bellcaire, the Encants flea market. Quite an amazing place, I suppose you can find pretty much everything there. Very old place, been around since the 14th century. Christopher Columbus wasn’t even born yet! Open 4 days a week, over 100.000 visitors a week…
Here is some of the things you can see and/or buy, from doorstoppers to matrasses, air guitars, clothes by the kilo, any doll ever made… And so much more!

Many of the stall owners hate photographers, so be careful when you go there, as they’ve been breaking some people’s cameras. Just play the part of the stupid tourist, as I usually do: it works.

Encants fleamarket

And once again, I had a stroll through the old fleamarket. Many things to see, many weird and wonderful.

Enjoy the doorknobs! May they open many doors…

Encants flea market

I am living just down the road from the Encants Nou flea market, one of the oldest flea markets in Europe (since the 14th century!). It’s called nou – new – because they moved to the present location 80 years ago, and will move again soon. 100.000 people pass through here every week, and you can find… everything, just absolutely everything.
Well, I found these 2 angels and the Virgin Mary. It reminded me somehow of the movie I saw the other day, Night at the Museum 2. Watch it, you’ll understand.