Barcelona, a photo a day


A flower, just for you




Been playing around with Picasa and other programs. This is what came out, after a few minutes fiddling.


After an hour or more on the beach, you just need some shade. There are marvels in the shade, just off the beach in Poblenou…

Flowers for everybody!

Specially for all the mamas, mothers, mums, mamacitas, as it is mother’s day in Spain today.



Some flowers, and a bee, picked up here and there in Catalunya

Les tournesols

Sunflowers on the Ramblas.
This is an automated posting, back to normal tomorrow.

Colorful Raval

I’m away in France, this is an automated post.

Post 750: the flower stalls on the Rambla

Get yourself a cactus, and love him!

For sale on the Ramblas right now. Save a cactus!

Some colors for a rainy day. AKA post 665.

Sunday evening. The weekend is almost over (…). We had a relatively sunny day, after the wettest Saturday in ages. The forecast for the coming week is very bleak. So, what will I post for tomorrow??? Something colorful, something nice to brighten up the coming week. Here it is, spotted on the Ramblas, with the help of a bit of LDR.

Oh yes, we had a little sunshine… Welcome to Lori from District Daily Photo, our 405th follower!

Gardens in the city

Some have small gardens, some have big gardens.

 I found all of them in the old town, the Born area.


We have some sunflowers growing on our terrace, and it has been fascinating to observe the different stages of the growth.


Sunny sunday here. A close up of a flower I gave Mandy yesterday.

Thanks to all the well wishers a couple of days ago. I am fine, getting ready for the next heart surgery in a couple of weeks, major this one.

Some flowers on our terrace

Enjoying a bit of sunshine lately, even though it is quite seasonably cold. We do have some plants on our terrace, and they started blooming now, in january.

And a warm welcome to Magdala, from Gliwice Daily Photo, our 232nd follower.

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At work, I’m dealing mainly, but not only, with companies in the UK. Therefore, as it is a Bank Holiday there today, instead of going to work, I went to the zoo with my wife. Nice, innit?

We saw many wonderous and amazing beasts today. 2 white peacocks, a hippo the size of a large pig, big sleeping cats, an empty wolf enclosure (which is rather worrying. Where are they, roaming the streets of our fair city?), a gigantic gorilla, this one not made of chocolate, dancing and flying dolphins. And so on and so forth. Despite of our deepest longings, we decided, my wife and myself, not to set all the animals free. This time.

I obviously took too many photos, as usual.

But I’d like to show you this one, just some simple flowers on a wall.
And OK, I confess: as the day was grey and dull, the light being a bit too white, I played a bit around with the picture. To put a bit of color into a grey day, and into my blog.

Old love

Back to my, yes, you guessed it through the title, old love. Flower photos. Which is for me, who grew up in the sixties, a mixture of flower power (sorry for the pun) and the Franciscan way of seing God in He’s creation. Nice flowers. For you.

Summer is almost here, in the northern hemisphere anyway. It’s already quite hot, 30 degrees most days now. There are still a lot of flowers around, and I wonder how long they will survive in the coming heat. Scientists say that summer 2009 will be an average 1,5 degrees hotter, whatever this means.
Heat explains some of the habits here. Many shops and offices are closed from 2 to 5 in the afternoon: siesta time. And dinner does not usually start before 9 PM, when the heat abates a little.
Today is my birthday, after me: the summer! Happy summer, everybody!

21/06/09: thanks for all your birthday wishes! Appreciate it!