Barcelona, a photo a day


A birthday treat


Nice treat for my ……….th birthday!

A word of warning

DSC06084 Barcelona is a wonderful city. Like any other place, it has it’s darker side. Take the Ramblas. A fantastic place for having a stroll, watching people go by, buy some flowers… And then, you are suddenly thirsty, or hungry. Bad thing… Be aware that BCN is like any tourist place… If you want an expresso on St Mark’s square in Venice, you pay the price! Same thing here. Also, be aware that all those restaurants with tables on the Rambla, serve overpriced and awful food. With very very few exceptions. My advice, leave the Ramblas, take any street into the Raval or the Barri Gotic, much better food, much less money!!! Not to mention the dozens (yep: dozens) of pickpockets, totally fearless due at the laxity of spanish laws. Maximum 3 days in jail if they are caught, and only if they stole more than 400 euros.
Just use common sense.



One of many jamonerias (Jamón= ham) to be found all over Barcelona. All over Spain, that is.
You can buy a whole ham, or just some slices. Or any tapa, with a good vino tinto (red wine), the Rioja is excellent for this.

Obama and me


Well, this is Barcelona, not Washington! Guess the president of some country over there is preparing for the… after.
Anyway, a place out of this world and time (1950es Kenya), with the best english breakfast money can get you in BCN!


And now ladies and gents, for the first time ever in the loooooong history of mankind and of this blog, a photo of myself with the overdude himself, Mr Barak Obama, President of the United States of America!


Aren’t we evah so stylish!!!!! And so shiny!!!

Tables with a view


One of the restaurants with a better view in town. The one on Montjuic, next to the Miramar hotel, at the entrance of the cactus garden.

To see more ‘painted’ photos, please check my website!

World food, with overgin


Empanadas! Anywhere, anytime! An empanada (Spanish pronunciation: [empaˈnaða]; also called pastel in Brazilian Portuguese) is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Latin Europe, Latin America, the Southwestern United States, and parts of Southeast Asia. The name comes from the Galician, Portuguese, and Spanish verb empanar, meaning to wrap or coat in bread.
In Spain, empanadas and empanadillas are two different types of cooking a similar thing. Empanadillas are often made from a rather thin, pliant, but resilient wheat pastry, cut into a round shape, stuffed and folded. The filling varies, but tuna, sardines, or meat are used most commonly in a tomato puree, garlic and onion sauce. Spanish empanadillas are often fried in olive oil but can also be found baked.

In Galicia, the empanada can also be prepared similar to a pie, with a variety of fillings like cod, pork loin, cockles, mussels, or octopus, the empanada galega. Empanadas can be eaten at any time of the day. As I mentioned before.

They are everywhere! More about them here.

No comment about overgin (open up the photo to know what the heck I’m talking about). Someone’s sense of humor at the Boqueria market, I hope…

Jamón, Jamón


April… Let’s start the month with the City Daily Photo theme day, won’t we! Theme: my camera-shy self portrait. Well, here I am on Calle Pelaio, hiding behind the hams reflected in what used to be the Happybooks shop. It is now a so-called a Jamóneria, a ham shop. I am always very sad to see a bookshop closing, btw.

You know what to do… Click here to see what my friends from CDP did with this theme.

Late night


Many shops are open till 10 PM, to the great convenience of many working people. Need a carrot or chocolate late in the evening? No problem, mate! Although the same shops tend to close from 2 to 5 PM: siesta time. So, no chocolate, you wouldn’t want to disturb a spaniard taking a nap, no no no!
The baker at the Pi church.

Sailing away… Rule of thirds

2014_01_19_3150 Fed up with Barcelona? Easy: just take a ferry to Italy, Africa, the balearic islands (Ibiza…)… Many nice places out there! In 24 hours, after cruising the Med, you can be in, for example, Livorno. Nice place. 20 km further (by land), you could have a pizza in Pisa, just next to the leaning tower. And I swear: you cannot beat an italian pizza!!!!! Buonissime pizze italiane!!!



A reflection near the big chinese restaurant on the Ramblas.

El Pudding


Pudding, probably the best cafe in BCN. The most colourful one, for sure.


Monthly theme day: take away store

Well, different countries, different takeaways. Here is the guy who actually cooks those nice sausages you’re taking away with bread and mustard. Sweat in peace, my friend.
You know what? If you’re into takeaways, have a look here!

Decisions, decisions…

I’m always having a hard time at the mercat de Sant Josep… Balancing the urge of buying a lot of this gorgeous high quality food… with my economic reality. I never managed, always spending too much.

Oh, you might know this market as Boqueria. For us locals, it is St Joseph’s market. And to photographers, it is known as ‘paradise’. There has been a market here since 1217, 797 years ago.

And, no, this is not HDR, just Lightroom and Nik filters.

If you feel like dancing…

After Dancing with the wolves, dancing with the sardines? Mr Costner, if you’re watching this, here’s an idea…


Fresh veggies from the Boqueria market

The spiritual chef

More and more people choose to eat their food raw nowadays, not excluding meat. And now, there is even raw food catering as well. I personally like my steaks well done, and my potatoes cooked or fried. But I’ll go for a cheesecake anytime!


Queuing… The 3rd national sport in Spain, just after bullfighting (not in Catalunya anymore, yeah!) and football (aka soccer in some countries).

This is the queue at the Hard Rock Cafe on Plaza Catalunya. I never managed to enter the place. And I don’t really bother, it is really overpriced. And I mean: really overpriced!


A very welcome newcomer on the Rambla, the Shalom kosher grill. And oh look, it’s close to Egypt!


Made in Catalunya!


Yes, farton, plural fartons, in one word… Breakfast, yesterday morning.
Fartons are confectionery sweets typical of the Valencian town of Alboraya, Spain. Elongate and glazed with sugar it features flour, milk, sugar, oil, eggs and a leavening agent. Very common in Catalunya, they are delicious, and cheap: you get 5 of them for 1 euro.
And you can even joke with their name!

The Grill Room

One of the better looking restaurants in town.

Theme day, continued…

Some more cafe chairs… No, wait: chiringuito chairs! A chiringuito is a beach cafe.


Happy smiling faces at the Boqueria market! And the veggies look absolutely gorgeous!

Our world Tuesday, right here.


Found that great nut place! With a very willing vendor! This guy could sell refrigerators to Eskimos!
But no, I didn’t buy anything, will come back later, no need for nuts right now.