Barcelona, a photo a day



Not quite.
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Well, I haven’t changed my mind since the first football posting, I’m still not interested in footbal, but Barcelona’s got the FEVER! Tonight is the UEFA cup final, Barcelona Futbol Club versus Man United.
This is my small contribution to the parties here tonight (well, they hope so, anyway), straight from the Chocolate Museum. Yep, that’s a football pitch, made of chocolate. Bon appetit!


Several things are really important here in BCN: food, politics (and I will come back to this subject later – objectively, through my lens only!), and…
The Barcelona Futbol Club, aka Barca, pronounced Barssa, is on it’s way to glory. And it eclipses everything else, crisis or not.
Picture taken in a chocolate shop. It says : more than a club. Buy your european cup, pictures of players, medals, etc, all in chocolate. God knows I’m not a football fan, but chocolate is definitely my thing!!!!!