Barcelona, a photo a day


Planet Poblenou


You too can create your own planet! This is la planeta del Poblenou, complete with Hilton hotel and a beach!


Queuing… The 3rd national sport in Spain, just after bullfighting (not in Catalunya anymore, yeah!) and football (aka soccer in some countries).

This is the queue at the Hard Rock Cafe on Plaza Catalunya. I never managed to enter the place. And I don’t really bother, it is really overpriced. And I mean: really overpriced!

Skating with penguins

It is winter, but, with 18 degrees, it doesn’t feel wintery at all to us. So, there is always the possibility to feel the cold at the ice rink on Plaza de Catalunya. If you’re of the smaller persuasion, you can even skate with penguins!

Oh: do NOT feel obliged to buy the things they advertise…

34th Barcelona marathon, km 38

Oh the pain, and the pride one has to feel after running such a distance. A few snapshots of the runners as they reach km 38 out of 42km and 190 meters.
And the winner is… Julius Chepkowony for the men, in 2 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds, and Emily Chepkomy for the women, in 2 hours, 26 minutes and 53 seconds, beating the standing record by over 3 minutes. Both are from Kenya. Well done, all you 20.000 people running after them!

Watery Wednesday at the Cosmocaixa science museum

HA!Boys just love this!!!

What about you, girls?

Watery Wednesday, as every Wednesday.

The circus, part 3

I usually avoid posting blurred photos, but sometimes it just works out. The sales lady, and, below, what she was selling.

Playing with fire

Circ Raluy

We went to the circus last night, for the first time in many many years (over 30 for Rob)! Was great! The Circ Raluy, traditional Catalan circus founded in 1911, and still operated by the same family, Raluy. Will show you some more of it in the coming week.

I was particularly moved by the many references to Federico Fellini’s La Strada.


Smurf names in different languages

France: Schtroumpf
Spain: Los Pitufos
Catalonia: Barrufet
Netherlands: De Smurfen
Belgium: De Smurfen or Les Schtroumpfs
Germany: Schlumpf
Italy: Puffo or Puffi
Portugal: Estrumpfe
Greece: Stroumfakia
Turkey: Pirinler
Finland: Smurffi
Sweden: Smurferna
Iceland: Strumpar
Denmark: Smolf
Norway: Smolf
Poland: Smerf
Hungary: Torpikek
Japan: Sumafu
China: Lan jing ling
Israel: Ha – Dardasim
Czechoslovakia: šmoulové (plural) or šmoula (singular)

Merce 2011: the enchanted city hall

This year again, our city hall was transformed into a feast of light, colors and music. A very good computer operated animation on the whole facade of the building.
My apologies to all the people whose heads I cut of while cropping these photos. Hope it didn’t hurt too much.

More photos here.

Merce impressions

The pig and the cops.

Colorful people

The potter

Music and dance from Bangladesh
More dancing
I am having some problems with my very troublesome computer. I am trying to fix it, but  it might take a little time. Let’s hope for the best. 
Update: computer problem fixed, bought a new one. 

La Merce 2011: everybody’s festival…

… as it says on the front of the Barcelona city hall. In Russian. This year’s special guest of the Merce: Saint Petersbourg.

Our World Tuesday

Second post about the Museum of Ideas and Inventions. This is a dunk-mug. Fabulous!

The sun is moving, your plants don’t get enough light? This is the solution!

This is supposed to be, believe it or not,a bicycle. Yes.
 Finished with the gap between 2 mattresses!!!!!
Our World Tuesday, right here.

The Museum of Ideas and Inventions – MIBA

We spent a very entertaining hour at the tiny but great Museum of Ideas and Inventions…
Now, did you ever wonder how they do the weather report??? Here it is!

What would you call this? A mop-rophone?No, we didn’t buy one.

Take a boiled egg, put it in the egg cuber, push the thinggie on top…

Last (for today) but not least…. This is a seat you can use when you need a suppository. Just pull the lever. 

Lolita y Encarnacion…

… are 2 of the Golondrinas (swallows) taking tourists around the port and along the coast. It is a very nice thing to do when you’re visiting Barcelona… and the sea is not too choppy!


That’s the way it’s done, boys!

Incidentally, I learned yesterday that in what once was one of the biggest fishing port in the Med, there are only 45 working fishing boats left in Barcelona, barely making a living, and often coming back empty. Shame. 

Our World Tuesday,right now, right here!

I’m sure it is a very good hotel…..

… but are you really sure you want to sleep here??? Who knows when you’ll wake up!

Andorra: a room with a view

During our recent trip to Andorra, we stayed in this nice 4 stars hotel in El Serrat, and we had a room with a view…. to take our city-dweller’s breath away.

Festa Major de Gracia: detail 2

And another detail…
We were away for a few days, in Andorra and Madrid. Back to normal tomorrow.

Festa Major de Gracia: detail

A detail of the fantastic street decoration, made of recycled plastic bottles.

Festa Major de Gracia: the SpongeBob street

Yes, there is even this…

Just another museum.

Fed up walking around in the sun, too hot for the beach? Here is an idea: the Museum of Erotica, in front of the Boqueria market. You get a free drink,and Wifi, how’s that?

Welcome, strangers!

Had some visitors yesterday, officials from the wax museum on planet Spielberg Beta 3 Omicron… Welcome, strangers, this is my world!

Photo courtesy of Mandy

The clown

We’re having right now the annual festival of the area around the cathedral. For the 422nd year in a row! I suppose this guy is part of the festivities. Very nice outfit!

Down Under

Now… Why is this guy upside down, you might ask… Well, several reasons. 1- he is an artist, an acrobat. 2 – he is Australian, he probably thinks we’re upside down, not him. Therefore the strange pose. 3- that’s the way he makes a living.

And a big HELLO!!!!! to all our friends, family, followers and supporters in Oz and NZ!

Surf’s up!

Time to get your wetsuits out!

Acampada Barcelona: If they wont let us dream, we wont let them sleep

The revolution on Plaza Catalunya. A few photos from the village on the square. The same is happening in 56 more cities in Spain. For more background info, see Friday’s special post.

Watery Wednesday

Came across, once again some bubble makers, some families with their kids, in Ciutadella Park. Would have loved blowing a giant bubble myself!

As usual, this is for Watery Wednesday. Come on, let yourself go, and just click!

El Panoramico de Tibidabo

Tibidabo, the hill above Barcelona, is a very contrasting place.
I posted earlier some photos about the big church on top of Tibidabo, the sanctuary.
Well, just next to it, literally in front of it, is the Barcelona funfair, a very popular place for families with kids. We did not go on the Panoramico wheel, but I’m sure the view must be breathtaking.


Map picture

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Carnival at work

Some of my younger colleagues (and myself) celebrated Carnival at work last friday. I took the easy way: as I am living at about 3 minutes walking distance from my office, I just came in my PJs, bathrobe, hot water bottle and slippers. Easy. No need to dress up.
We had a lot of fun!
And we didn’t do a lot of work…

Map picture

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