Barcelona, a photo a day


Funny telecom

Unedited, as seen on the Rambla del Raval.

Our World Tuesday

Second post about the Museum of Ideas and Inventions. This is a dunk-mug. Fabulous!

The sun is moving, your plants don’t get enough light? This is the solution!

This is supposed to be, believe it or not,a bicycle. Yes.
 Finished with the gap between 2 mattresses!!!!!
Our World Tuesday, right here.

The Museum of Ideas and Inventions – MIBA

We spent a very entertaining hour at the tiny but great Museum of Ideas and Inventions…
Now, did you ever wonder how they do the weather report??? Here it is!

What would you call this? A mop-rophone?No, we didn’t buy one.

Take a boiled egg, put it in the egg cuber, push the thinggie on top…

Last (for today) but not least…. This is a seat you can use when you need a suppository. Just pull the lever.¬†

I’m sure it is a very good hotel…..

… but are you really sure you want to sleep here??? Who knows when you’ll wake up!

Welcome, strangers!

Had some visitors yesterday, officials from the wax museum on planet Spielberg Beta 3 Omicron… Welcome, strangers, this is my world!

Photo courtesy of Mandy

June theme day: funny signs

Well, it is the first day of the merry month of… june. The nice weather is coming back, the spirits are high, the juices are flowing, the bees do their thing… Yeah, it’s theme day again!
Well, this is our funny sign.And yes, you can buy these pills in Barcelona, next to the cathedral in the old town. Enjoy!

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