Barcelona, a photo a day


Watery Wednesday in Horta

One of the many many beautiful features in the park, the reflecting pond behind the Duke’s neo-classical pavilion seen yesterday.

Watery Wednesday, right here.


An oasis in the big city… If you know how to find them, many places offer an escape from the crowds, the heat. This is my secret place, the city archive.

Gardens in the city

Some have small gardens, some have big gardens.

 I found all of them in the old town, the Born area.

Coming up in Brattleboro, Vermont!

Do you like dogs? Do you like gardening? Do you like starting a trend???

Then, I’m asking you, Mrs and Mr B., why not combine all 3 in this avant garde doggy watering can? Take your can for a walkie, ask your dog to water the most beautiful garden in (this part of) the US of A, start the Vermont doggy watering can trend! Be a star.
But you already are!

This doggie having something to do with water (…), this post is therefore obviously part of Watery Wednesday! Please click here to see more pictures being more obviously related to the theme: water. And really: do not ask your (real) dog to water your garden. I mean it.

Late PPS (post-post scriptum): I really liked doing this special Brattleboro post! So, I just decided that there would be another one tomorrow! Yeah, towards the west coast of the US, a monsieur with a special interest in vaches. Honni soit qui mal y pense, as the anglais would say.

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