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A HOG meeting during the annual Harley Days in Montjuic. What’s HOG? It stand for Harley Owners Group. Nice people!


Summer is finally here, in the northern hemisphere that is. It will soon be time again for this most sonorous of happenings, the Barcelona Harley days. HOG’s galore!

Zest, part 2

Followers of this blog will know that I like bright colors and Harleys. As I decided to carry on blogging about Barcelona, I will take a more artistic route, with less HDR and maybe less colors.
Anyway, here are some happy HOGs, full of zest!

Harley Days 2013

Once again, the bikers are in town for the biggest European Harley Davidson meet. Lots to see and to do, demo rides, watching beautiful bikes and bikers, music (today is Elvis day), line dancing, eating, drinking…

Harley days Barcelona 2012: surf’s up!

Groovy baby! What more does a dude need?
Let me show you some Harleys!

And a couple of oldtimers

But you know, what I learned during those Harley days, is that you better start young. Like them…

So now, from all those wonderful machines, which one would you…adopt? I’d go for the surfing one!

Harley days Barcelona 2012: details

Not just Elvis: Marylin was here as well, together with some stranger birds…

And what’s a biker without biker chicks???

Harley days Barcelona 2012: the parade

The most eagerly expected event during this year’s Harley days was the parade. Imagine 15.000 (no, no typing error: fifteen thousand) Harleys from 20 countries going on a stroll all around the town… The noise was quite incredible, sweet and strong (ok, I’m biased). Have a look…

The press was there as well, obviously. That’s how they did it……..

Guess this driver must have felt a bit daft… Well, just a job, innit?

That’s our world!

Elvis Catala

As everybody should know by now (check the movie Men in Black if you don’t believe me), the King is alive. And speaks fluent Catalan! He was the special guest of the Harley Days. Good voice!


Second of the Harley days. Now, if anyone decided to give me one like this, I would kowtow very deeply and be very grateful…

Harley days…

Yeah, the Harley days are back!!!  Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson meeting, 21.000 bikes expected. And those machines are simply wonderful! And so are some of their owners! Here, a couple of Swiss gentlemen, probably from the local Hell’s Angels chapter.
Will show you much more in the next days. And we will have a very special visitor… Just wait.

Skywatch Friday

One late evening on Avenida Maria Cristina, taking pictures for Skywatch Friday

Wild HOGs!

Some of the 11500 Harleys in town this past weekend. Enjoy the monsters!

And some of the thousands of onlookers and admirers.

Message to Dave in Costa Rica/Arizona: don’t touch these bikes! lol

And yes, once again, this is My World Tuesday!

HOG days: the ones for sale

One day… Starting saving, right now!
Gonna go wild, real wild!!!
That’s mine!
You gonna get the blues with that one!
 Soft…and wild!
Look at me, I’m beautiful!

Men and toys

Men with bikes. A lot of them around, with some really nice machines. And quite a few women as well.

We are not familiar with the biker scene here, but we know that there are a few gangs of Hell’s Angels around, very officially, with clubhouses. And there is a big Harley Davidson gettogether in Montjuic during the summer.

Me, Rob, average  guy in my late forties, well….I’ll think about it. 🙂

 PS: did someone say anything about cliches??????

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