Barcelona, a photo a day



The natural extensions to a Spanish woman’s hand is this: an abanico. Although mostly a southern thing, Sevilla and Andalucia originally, it is used a lot here as well.
They can be as cheap as dirt (I saw some made in China!) or going in the hundreds of euros, if they are made of ebony or ivory, silk, gold, etc. I suppose they are more of a statement then than of real utility.

Coolest place in town!

Yep, another tropical day here. Wish I could share the pool with the seals, but then, I suppose the wardens wouldn’t be too happy about it. Going to the beach instead, with 2 tons of suncream. Will be returning crisp on the outside, but soft inside, as a roast chicken ought to be. Hasta la vista!
And happy July 4th to all of you in or from the States!