Barcelona, a photo a day


A weekend reflection


Color, or black and white? Why choose, if you can have both!
More weekend reflections right here!



Part of the Horta park, north Barcelona. One of my favorite places in town! There is even a maze, so you can… get lost!


… are so often more important than the whole picture. In this case, the entrance to the maze in Horta.

Monochrome 4

The park in Horta. Once again, the weekend is black and white!

Horta: the girls

On October 18th of the year 1802, Don Juan Antonio Desvalls y de Ardena, Marquis of Lupia and Alfarras, owner of this country house with gardens, had the pleasure to welcome the royal persons, Don Carlos IV and Dona Maria Luisa of Bourbon, king and queen of Spain, the infants Don Carlos and Don Francisco de Palla, Don Luis the First, king of Etruria, and the Infant of Spain, Don Antonio Pasqual.

It was quite a party! And these were the girls they were all looking at!

Weekend reflections in Horta

Yet another view of the gardens in Horta.

Good shot for Weekend Reflections! And for Skywatch Friday as well.

Let’s get lost!

That’s what I told my wife, and that’s what we did when we entered the maze. Right, where’s the exit then???

Map of the labyrinth in the Parc del Laberint d’Horta in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). 1: Entrance, 2: Sculpture of Eros, 3: Exit, 4: Nymph Echo’s grotto, 5: Temple of Danaë, 6: Temple of Ariadne, 7: Relief of Deucalion and Pyrrha, 8: Relief of two female figures (unknown meaning), 9: Place of the Sundial.

Watery Wednesday in Horta

One of the many many beautiful features in the park, the reflecting pond behind the Duke’s neo-classical pavilion seen yesterday.

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Shame on us!!!

Sooo…. After 3 1/2 years in Barcelona, we finally went to the famed maze and garden in Horta. And it immediately became our favorite place in town! Will show you much more in the next few days. For today, suffice to say that it is a right royal place!

And if anyone knows how to get rid of the halo in HDR, please let me know?

The kiss

Whilst having a good photo shoot in the north of Barcelona today, on our first really warm day of the year (T shirt weather, my friends!!!), I spotted this couple, kissing in the sun. Now, I don’t usually intrude on people’s privacy, but… If they thought they were alone, they were wrong! Hundreds of people around. Anyway, guys, thanks for the photo!