Barcelona, a photo a day


United Nations University

The first United Nations University of Southern Europe and 11th in the world will open in Barcelona in 2012. It will be located in the historic Hospital de Sant Pau, an Art-Nouveau set of pavilions that was used as a hospital until two years ago. The UNI-IIAOC Institute will promote research and training in education, migration, youth and the role of media.
And this, my friends,  is part of the rather magnficent entrance. Being a student in there… Nice!

Holy Cross and St Paul’s Hospital, the insider look

Yep, that’s me 3 days ago. Came home today, after a remarquably fast operation (4 1/2 hours) and recovery at hospital, exactly a week. I still feel I’ve just been run over by a bus, AND beaten up by 20 thugs for a couple of hours, but the doctors say it will pass. Eventually.
But anyway, this is inside the very modern intensive care unit, ICU, with some extremely capable and friendly staff. Thanks to all of them!

Will be back blogging, but maybe on a slow burner for a while. Thanks for all your get well wishes!

Photo courtesy of Mandy, obviously!

Earth Day: Tai Chi in the park

A large group of people were doing Tai Chi in the park, last saturday.

A personal note. I haven’t been feeling well during the last few months. Will spend some time in hospital from tomorrow, having some heart surgery done. Nothing major, but nevertheless… So, I’ll be posting on automatic for a while. See you soon!

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Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau – 3

Another detail of this magnificent hospital, one of the pavilions. Please click on the label below the post to see the other photos.

Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Another day, another World Heritage Site. Plenty of them around. Even our local hospital is one. But what a hospital! 18 pavillions, built between 1901 and 1930 by the catalan architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner, situated in a rather lovely, but already a bit dry, park. It was built as a hospital city, the architect did it very much with its patients in mind, convinced that aesthetic, harmony and pleasant surroundings were good for the health.
The 18 pavillions are adorned with the medieval flourishes that characterise the architect’s style.
Unfortunately, as the buildings are getting too old for modern medicine, a new hospital is being built, made of concrete, steel and glass. Shame.
Even though the buildings are from the 20th century, there has been a hospital here since 1401.
And you can also see it in Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
You want to know more? It’s here.