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Nice day for a revolution

One year later, the indignados, or indignants,  are back on Plaza de Catalunya. Protesting against a lot of things:
-banks and bankers,
-cuts in the health and education systems,
-over 25% unemployment in Spain, 50 % amongst the under 25
and so on. 45.00 people (according to the police, 130.000 according to the organizers) demonstrated their rage on Saturday night. Many more in Madrid on the Plaza del Sol.

 Spain-istan, 100% corruption, 0% ethics, chorizo.


A legislative election for the Cortes Generales in Spain is scheduled to be held this coming sunday. The elections will be for 350 seats in the Congress of Deputies, which will determine who becomes the Prime Minister of Spain. Elections will also be held for the 208 directly elected seats in the upper house, the Senate.
The Spanish government is currently led by Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, member of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). Zapatero announced that he won’t run for a third term in the next election; the current deputy prime minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba will be the candidate, as he is the only candidate to the primary election in his party. The other major national party, People’s Party, under the leadership of Mariano Rajoy will battle against PSOE in this next general election.
There are some smaller parties involved as well. We even have a fascist party, and a Pirate Party here in Catalunya. But they have no chance to have a Prime Minister (actually called Presidente in Spain) elected from their ranks.

Right, whatever your political inclination might be. But the Occupy people are back, although only a small number of them. They want a government of people, for the people, not career politicians.

An Asian TV crew obviously anxious to interview somebody. Good luck!

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