Barcelona, a photo a day


20 miles to Baile Atha Cliath

A relative newcomer on the Irish pub scene in¬† Barcelona¬† is Dunnes, on Via Laietana. We went to try it out yesterday. The food was OK, the music great (a mix of early 70es and early 90es), the decoration a kind of Irish theme park, full of the usual cliches. The usual rugby flags, Leinster, Munster, Connacht. Not sure about any of the staff being Irish though. At least they have the Irish Times, and Sky Sport. And some of the good stuff as well, Guinness…

Our irish pub

Having both lived in Ireland, now and then we feel the urge for a nice Sunday roast, complete with roast potatoes, carrots, beans, parsnip, mash, and a nice piece of beef. And some Yorkshire pudding filled with gravy, which is not that Irish. So, this is where we go, Paddy Flaherty’s, probably the best of the many many Irish pubs in town.
And here’s what you get:

And a Guinness to get it down, of course! Or some uisce beatha, whiskey.


Let’s get out of Barcelona, even Spain, for a bit. Some swans in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, some time ago.

Watery Wednesday in Connemarra

Still stuck at home, with a big stock of watery photos I’ve used before. So, let’s do a wee trip over to the very western part of Europe, the strikingly beautiful Connemarra, in Ireland, our old and beloved home. More photos from all around the world right here.

Skywatch Friday

It is brutally hot in Barcelona, so let us escape to some fresher pastures… This is Lough Corrib, in Connemara, in the Gaeltacht west of Galway, in Ireland. And the mountains are some of the 12 Bens. Aaaaahhh,a breath of fresh air!

This, of course, is for Skywatch Friday! Check it out!

Skywatch Friday

Connemara, near Galway, Ireland. Our old home. We miss Irish skies. Not the weather.

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see more heavenly skies.

And also thanks to all of you who posted on our new meme, yesterday. It is not too late, if you haven’t done it yet, it will remain open till saturday night, Barcelona time.


Not much time for anything lately, photoshoots, blog browzing, etc… So here is one from the archives, the Wicklow mountains in Ireland, one bright but very cold winter morning. The Celtic Tiger must be buried in the area, unfortunately.

Heavy snowfall over Dublin last night, by the way.

Ireland in Barcelona

Even though I am French, having lived in Dublin and Cork, Ireland for quite a while, somewhere inside I feel very Irish. I read somewhere that there are over 13000 Irishmen and women living in Barcelona. I can understand this, as the weather here is so much nicer! Everybody has a sunseeking side, somewhere inside.

So anyway, there are many many Irish pubs around. This is one of them, Molly’s Fair City. The fair city in question is Dublin! Incidentally, the name Dublin is viking, Dubh Lynn meaning black pond. Is this the reason why Guinness is dark? Is there a pond full of Guinness somewhere?
Hail to all Vikings!

The green stuff in the windows is the decoration for St Paddy’s day.