Barcelona, a photo a day


CDP December theme: our street

Our street is the theme for this month on the CDP portal, and this is the photo we chose, a photo about the street around the corner from ours.

Click here to see other people’s streets.

Getting cold…

The beach chairs have been put away. The winter clothes came out of the wardrobes. Christmas lights are on in the streets and square. The city looks festive. It is the end of yet another year.

Night lights

Some more lights in the night… There had to be a Christmas tree on Plaza Catalunya!

Partner look

This seems to be the common decoration for the Corte Ingles superstores in Spain. Well, at least here and in Sevilla (thanks, Ashleigh!). How is it in Lisboa, JM?

This is the last of this series of Christmas lights night shots. Tomorrow, we’ll be getting… seedy…

And some more night lights…

Blue is definitely the dominant color on Plaza Catalunya at night!

Christmas lights

Many tourists (and photographers) in town, all of them admiring the Christmas decorations on Plaza Catalunya

Lights in the darkness

Crisis or not crisis, the Christmas lights are on, and the city center looks totally gorgeous! More night shot full of light to come.
One strange thing about this photo though, for us anyway… Outside temperature 19 degrees, high sixties. Not too christmassy! No need for a sweater yet.


As you all notices, I like experimenting (well ok: playing around) with my photos. The result is never really what I expected, sometimes good, sometimes better, sometimes not good, sometimes really bad. But then, sometimes, photography can be like painting… with a little sun glare on my lense.

Merce 2011: the enchanted city hall

This year again, our city hall was transformed into a feast of light, colors and music. A very good computer operated animation on the whole facade of the building.
My apologies to all the people whose heads I cut of while cropping these photos. Hope it didn’t hurt too much.

More photos here.

And there was light!

Some more Christmas lights, on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes…

…on Ronda Sant Marti…

… and on Carrer Tallers.

Merce 2010: the enchanted city hall

During the Merce Festival, several times during the evening, the facade of the Barcelona City Hall changes quite drastically… Enjoy!
The guest city this year being Dakar, the capital of Senegal, some of the photos have a very african inspiration.