Barcelona, a photo a day


Poble Espanyol: the romanic monastery

Just outside the village at Poble Espanyol, there is this wonderful 11th century romanic monastery, with it’s sculpture garden. Unfortunately, it was closed when we went there. This is where yesterday’s fountain is situated.

The weaver

Occasionally, not early as often as we would like, we come across some more traditional markets and fairs.
This guy was weaving (and selling) baskets. He was teaching some kids, and they seemed totally enthralled by his art.Nice gentle and patient face too.

Map picture
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Them as well.

What medieval festival would be complete without them? Yes, them, the Spanish Inquisition. We’re in Spain, after all.
So, these people were walking around, shouting “repent” and, should you show the right level of contrition, “ego te absolvo”.
But, probably just in case, the hangman was there as well. You never know, might come in handy.
And I absolutely love the guy in the back’s moustache!