Barcelona, a photo a day


Plaza de Espana

A black and white view from the Avenida Maria Cristina, the fairgrounds, the venitian towers, the MNAC (catalan national art musuem) and the Olympic Torch, dating back to 1992.

Dragonstar, this is for you and your wonderful black and white weekend meme! And also for Jame’s weekend reflections, as there are some reflections in the building on the left.

Happy Easter and a good Sunday!

Catalan art from the 14th century. Well, happy Easter to many of you, a good Pessach for some of you, and a beautiful and restful Sunday to all of you!

It’s a kind of magic…

We went back to this most magic of places last night, the Magic Fountain in Montjuic. Enjoy!
(Got now enough Watery Wednesday pictures to last us 11 years… Just kidding!)

Skywatch Friday

Quite a gloomy and featureless sky… Made a bit more interesting by the the MNAC, the catalan National Art Museum, and the Olympic flame, built for the 1992 Olympics.

This, you guessed it right, is for Skywatch Friday, one of the most beautiful memes there is. Click right here, right now, to see absolutely fantastic photos! Do it! Now!

Skywatch Friday

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see many more heavenly pictures.

Watery Wednesday 111

Been a while… From the archives, one of our old favorites, the Magic Fountain near Plaza de Espana.

As usual, this is for Watery Wednesday 111. Please click here if you want to be totally flabbergasted!


One of the more unexpected items to be found in the Catalan National Art Museum, the MNAC. Painting by John Hassall, sometime between 1893 and 1924.