Barcelona, a photo a day


Monthly theme day for march: the end!

Well, the theme day for march was cafe chairs. Here is my last photo about this, an early morning in the south of France, not too far from here. And a very happy Easter to everybody!

The theme for April 1st is pedestrian crossing.

You looking at me??!!!

Me??? I wouldn’t dare!!!

Our world Tuesday? Yes! And also Mandarin Orange Monday.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Watching french skies

One early morning in the south of France. For Skywatch Friday.


Regular followers of this blog will already know that we spent a few days in Montpellier, south of France. This was one evening on the place de la Comedie.

Skywatch Friday, of course!

Easter Sunday

Early morning on Easter Sunday, in Montpellier, France…

Skywatch Friday, bien sur!

Water World Wednesday

In 1977, our local catalan architect Ricardo Bofill was asked to develop a new district in the french city of Montpellier. He designed Antigone in a striking greek neo-classical way, with huge columns, pilasters, pediments, etc. Of course, there are quite a few statues inspired by greek mythology. One of them is Poseidon, god of the sea and of earthquakes, making the waters rise.

I just realized that today was actually Wednesday… Was sure it was Tuesday. So, I will post this straight away.

This is for Kim’s Water World Wednesday.

Chance meeting in Montpellier

Carrying on this little series about Montpellier. We not only met our fellow blogger Marie, but the real Snow White as well! Blanche Neige, in France. She left the 7 dwarfs at home, and came to Montpellier to give out some scratch cards, together with several super heroes. Nice way to spend one’s weekend!

This is of course for Our World Tuesday!

Photo courtesy of Mandy, and Rob was playing around with Picasa’s new features.

Marie de Montpellier, when BDP meets MDP

It is always a very great pleasure to meet a fellow blogger! Of course, we couldn’t fail meeting lovely Marie, from Montpellier Daily Photo! Thank you Marie for telling us we look so much younger than we are! We’ll be back! After all, we’re just 320 km away, 200 miles.

Photo courtesy of Mandy, of course.


Montpellier has one of the funkiest playground we’ve ever seen. Extremely popular place!

Weekend Reflections in France

Just a pond with some lilies, and a bit of sky…

This is for James’s Weekend Reflections.

Montpellier 1

We went up north, to the beautiful french city of Montpellier, and this is one of the first things we saw… This was to celebrate the opening of some new tramway lines. Montpellier’s tramways are the sexiest on earth, according to the New York Times!
Will show you much more!