Barcelona, a photo a day


One I made earlier…

Well, I reworked it this morning. Anyway, the fantastic rock formations surrounding the Benedictine Abbey in Montserrat. You half expect seeing some hobbits…

Things to do when in Barcelona

Well, get out of town and go to Montserrat! Or to the island of the same name, inĀ  the Caribbean, named about this very place.

Skywatch Friday

Yet another wonderful sunrise, as seen from my office yesterday morning, just before 8 AM. For Skywatch Friday.


…in the Montserrat mountain range, 50 km from Barcelona.

The little house in the mountains

As big-city dwellers, we sometimes (quite often, actually) crave for some peace and quiet. So, this little house in the crags above Montserrat Abbey seems quite enchanting. For a while anyway. Who am I kidding, we would get bored quite rapidly. Would you? I took this photo with a 450mm zoom, and there is literally nothing or nobody else around. Loneliness?

Chocolate with olive oil and salt

Sounds very weird, but it’s actually really good (I tried a small piece). 73% cocoa, 5% olive oil, 0,4% salt. Would you eat it? It is sold in the shops of Montserrat Abbey, providers of fine foods since 1025 AD.