Barcelona, a photo a day


The Harley girl

Busy texting, busy listening to music… We will never know. Everybody seems to have the latest gizmo, be it some phone which also makes coffee, or some music device with the latest pirated music… Pickpockets in the metro are obviously very happy about it! Furthermore as they are usually not arrested if caught, just held for a few hours, listed somewhere and then released. Read in the local paper yesterday about one of them being held 37 times by the police, for theft, often only hours after the last time… Visitors, be safe! Common sense will help you, more than anything else!

And hasn’t she got a nice bike!!!

Men and toys

Men with bikes. A lot of them around, with some really nice machines. And quite a few women as well.

We are not familiar with the biker scene here, but we know that there are a few gangs of Hell’s Angels around, very officially, with clubhouses. And there is a big Harley Davidson gettogether in Montjuic during the summer.

Me, Rob, average  guy in my late forties, well….I’ll think about it. 🙂

 PS: did someone say anything about cliches??????

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