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A question for today

Question: what do you get if you combine yesterday’s and today’s picture?
Yes! It is

Duck a l’Orange


2 Duck Legs or Breasts (with Skin left on)
Feshly ground Salt & Pepper
1 oz (25g) Butter

For the Orange Sauce…
1 Large Orange
4 fluid oz (100ml) French Red Wine
4 fluid oz (100ml) Fresh Orange Juice
2 fluid oz (50ml) Duck or Chicken Stock
1 Tablespoon of Honey or Brown Sugar


Zest* the Orange Skin and set aside the thin strips of Peel. Remove as much of the Pith as possible from the Orange. Break into Orange Segments and set aside.

Clean the Duck Legs or Breasts under cold water and pat dry with Kitchen Towels. Score the Duck Legs or Breasts skin with a sharp knife and then season well with Salt & Pepper.

Heat the Butter in a large Frying Pan until frothing, but do not allow to burn.

Place the Duck Legs or Breasts in the pan and brown nicely on both sidess (2 or 3 minutes).

Once browned place aside on a plate and cover with Tin Foil to keep warm.

Spoon out most of the Duck / Butter fat from the Frying Pan. Add the Red Wine, Orange Juice, Honey, Duck or Chicken Stock, the Orange segments & and some of the Orange Peel. Reduce the sauce for a couple of minutes, stiring often.

To serve place a Duck Leg or Breast on each plate, pour over the Orange Sauce and sprinkle with the remaing Orange Peel.

Serves 2 as a Main Meal.

And a happy St Patrick’s day to all Irish and assimilated!!!

Un oranger sur le sol espagnol…

Oranges. Picture taken an hour ago in Ciutadella Park, to which I will come back in the next few posts. Oranges in winter…
The post title refers to an old french song, about the impossibility of having orange trees in Ireland. Was sung by Bourvil. Eons ago.

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