Barcelona, a photo a day


A lady

She came prepared. Slippers, gloves, jacket, folding chair. And of course the umbrella to ward of the very hot sun.
She came to see the airplanes, the airshow.

And to be really sure to stay fresh on this very hot day, she sat next to the… shower.

3 flags…

…the Spanish…

… the French, with the world famous Patrouille de France
…and of course the Catalan flag were present at yesterday’s 20th annual airshow, the Festa al Cel. Very hot, lots and lots of people, 420.000 according to this morning’s papers. But what a show it’s been! 
Weather forecast for today and the rest of the week: 29 degrees, feeling like 30, mid eighties in some countries. Sunshine.
Hope you like the new panorama header! 10 photos stitched into one.

Skywatch Friday

This is what you get when you’re on a plane, and when you shoot straight into the sun, through the UV filtered plastic windows. Photo cropped, darkened, saturated, but not turned B&W. Lisbon, Portugal, down below.

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see more, it is a fantastic weekly meme!

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