Barcelona, a photo a day

plaza de Espana

Sorry about this…


Sorry about the bad quality of this photo, it was taken on the fly with a very basic mobile phone a few years ago, on the Plaza d’ Espana.
But then, the bad quality might be a good thing, at least for some …
This photo is not possible anymore. Until 2 years ago, public nudity was legal in Barcelona.

Another bike, getting ready for the CDP theme day!

Motorheads are coming!


Can’t wait for the Harley Days to be back! Lots of weird and wonderful people, with their glorious machines!




It’s magic, and it’s every weekend in Montjuic, in front of the National Art Museum of Catalunya, the MNAC

Harley Days 2013

Once again, the bikers are in town for the biggest European Harley Davidson meet. Lots to see and to do, demo rides, watching beautiful bikes and bikers, music (today is Elvis day), line dancing, eating, drinking…

Parque Joan Miro

An oasis in Barcelona city center, the Joan Miro park, just next to the former bullring, now a trendy shopping mall.

Post 1322, last of 2012

We wish you all a very happy new year, une tres bonne annee, un feliz ano nuevo, ein froehlisches neues Jahr, um feliz ano novo, a güets nëies johr, kali chronia, shana tova, gelukkig nieuwjaar, gott nytt år, kia hari te tau hou, ath bhliain faoi mhaise, 新年好, bon any nou, あけまして おめでとう ございます, Chúc Mừng Nǎm Mới.

On January first, there wont be an ‘official CDPB ‘ theme day, but some of us will be posting our best photo of the year, here.

Gaudilona and the Titanic

The Plaza de Espana is one of the main hubs in Barcelona, the junction of several major thoroughfares, metro, trains and many many buses… And right in the middle stands a big fountain, by Josep Maria Jujol, one of Antonio Gaudi’s collaborators. No, you cannot escape Gaudi in Barcelona. Maybe we should rename the city Gaudilona, or Bargaudi. You get the same feeling in the lovely city of Cobh, county Cork, Ireland, the Titanic’s last stop. Every shop, pub, restaurant has the word Titanic in it’s name.
Back to Barcelona, the happiest city in Europe… See yesterday’s post. One question: what does it actually mean?

More of the fountain above

A night on the town

Getting up most mornings at 6 or earlier, I don’t really get much out in the evening. But there are some exceptions… The old bullfighting arena, now a trendy shopping mall. Bullfighting is illegal here in Catalunya, unlike the rest of Spain.

Skywatch Friday

Sundown on Plaza de Espana, for Skywatch Friday

Harley days Barcelona 2012: surf’s up!

Groovy baby! What more does a dude need?
Let me show you some Harleys!

And a couple of oldtimers

But you know, what I learned during those Harley days, is that you better start young. Like them…

So now, from all those wonderful machines, which one would you…adopt? I’d go for the surfing one!

Harley days Barcelona 2012: details

Not just Elvis: Marylin was here as well, together with some stranger birds…

And what’s a biker without biker chicks???

Elvis Catala

As everybody should know by now (check the movie Men in Black if you don’t believe me), the King is alive. And speaks fluent Catalan! He was the special guest of the Harley Days. Good voice!


Second of the Harley days. Now, if anyone decided to give me one like this, I would kowtow very deeply and be very grateful…

Harley days…

Yeah, the Harley days are back!!!  Europe’s biggest Harley Davidson meeting, 21.000 bikes expected. And those machines are simply wonderful! And so are some of their owners! Here, a couple of Swiss gentlemen, probably from the local Hell’s Angels chapter.
Will show you much more in the next days. And we will have a very special visitor… Just wait.

Plaza de España

A monochrome view over Montjuic, the fairgrounds, the 2 venitian towers and the Olympic Torch, for Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.


According to the press, we have here in town Europe’s only museum of Rock. Many interesting artifacts in there, this poster, for example. Mandy took the photo, but it brought back some nice memories to me, Rob.
I mean, get the picture a bit bigger, and read the names of the bands present! The best ever concert, ever,ever! No?
Should you want to go there, it is in the Arenas shopping mall on Plaza de Espana.

Black and White Skywatch Friday

OK, a few ‘trade secrets’. I took 3 photos, with a 0,7 bracket (with 0,7 dioptries difference between each photo). Ideally, these photos should be taken with your camera on a tripod, but it works if you’re really steady.
Passed the photos through a HDR program, Photomatix Pro, version 4.1. Tonemapped it, changed it into black and white using Picasa, worked a bit with saturation and shades. Et voila!

All this for 2 of my favorite weekly memes, Skywatch Friday and the Weekend in Black and White.

Woman and Bird, by Joan Miró i Ferrà

What used to be Barcelona’s slaughterhouse is now a very nice park, with lots and lots of palm trees, and this sculpture by the famous barcelones artist Joan Miró i Ferrà. It is called (in Catalan) Dona i Ocell, woman and bird. He created it in 1982, just one year before he died, aged 90.
It is 22 meters high, made of concrete, and covered in ceramic tiles styled by Joanet Gardy Artigas.

I chose to publish the photo on a big scale, so you can appreciate how big this thing actually is.


Part of the new shopping center in the former bullring. Some vents, I suppose.

Skywatch Friday

One late evening on Avenida Maria Cristina, taking pictures for Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

And another SOOC, straight out of the camera, photo. The Plaza de Espana, late one evening, with the Barcelona Arena, former bullring turned into the latest shopping center in town.

Check out what my blogger mates did for Skywatch Friday!

A pool on the roof

How cool is this!