Barcelona, a photo a day

Plaza Real

Early morning


I love going through town very early in the morning, the city is so peaceful, no tourist hordes. Here I am, at the famous Kabul backpacker, on Plaza Real, just off the Ramblas. The best time and place for a coffee!



Watch out, here comes my bass solo!

More about the Sant Andreu Jazz Band here. They are very young and very good. You can find them on Youtube as well.

Storm front

Rainy days in Barcelona, a storm front brought rain and much cooler temperatures. Makes for good photos.

A right royal place

One of the side entrances to the Plaza Real, the royal square, one of the jewels of Barcelona, just off the Ramblas. There is a youth hostel on the square, the Kabul youth hostel, where I used to stay many years ago, when I was just another tourist in town. Happy days!

Uno, dos, tres…

Swing classes on Plaza Real, yesterday morning, with the young members of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band.

Excellent music, real good fun, fantastic weather!
And the press was here as well!

Theme day continued…A panorama, aka post 1400

Some more cafe tables, busy ones, on Plaza Real, our very own royal square.

Post 1400!!!

Black and white Skywatch Friday

The Plaza Real in Barcelona is an absolutely beautiful square, in any weather or time of day/night. Here it is in monochrome, for Skywatch Friday and Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.

The street lamps on the side were designed by Antonio Gaudi himself.

Theme day continued

Some more cafe tables, continuing this month’s theme day. Heavy rain yesterday, but we had some very nice days already, and summer will be here soon. In a few weeks, instead of looking for the sun, we will be avoiding it, and look for a cool place in the shade. Good times are coming!

Gaudi did it

The lamps on Plaza Real were designed by Antonio Gaudi himself.

My Bar

Well, not really mine, or ours, just a nice place to have a drink. With a bit of HDR.

A really royal square

Every time I go to the Plaza Real in the old town, probably the most beautiful square in Barcelona, I try to take some satisfying photos. Never works. Until now!

Here is a 3D rendition of the same photo.


One of the interesting lamps on Plaza Real, the most beautiful square in the old town (according to me, anyway).
Using the Tenin technique incidentally, merci Eric!

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