Barcelona, a photo a day


CDP theme day: upside down


Upside down… When I read about this coming theme, a few weeks ago, I drew a blank. But fortunately, we had in BCN the festa al cel, the festival in the sky.
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No airshow.


An airshow, a while back. The city hall, in it’s immense wisdom, decided to save some money, on this most popular entertainment. So, you’ll only have this photo, no more airshows I’m afraid.

Gone fishing


And that’s how you do it, chicos, said the old man.

Our World Tuesday is a very cool meme, and it is here!

Planet Poblenou


You too can create your own planet! This is la planeta del Poblenou, complete with Hilton hotel and a beach!

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday, right here.

Monday Doorways

As my health is ever so slowly, but steadily, improving, I did last Saturday what I’ve been willing to do for 3 years, without it ever coming to it: I went to visit the old Poblenou cemetery.

Well, it is a beautiful place, the mausoleums are an open air museum. Recognized many names of the Barcelona bourgeoisie.

But… Why is this door open/broken???

I couldn’t resist taking a photo, of course, and posting it for Louis la Vache’s excellent Monday Doorways meme.

And of course, being me, I just had to photoshop it a bit!

Here is some more info.

The cat

A chance meeting in the sun.

Want more camera critters? Here they are!

The water tank

The Poblenou water tank, built in 1906. I don’t know much more about it, but I suppose the style can be called modernist, as it has been built very much during the same period of time.
Even water tanks are beautiful in Barcelona, yeah!

Full moon over Barcelona

Full moon, a few days ago, over Poblenou and @22