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sant Adria de Besos

Monthly theme day: chimneys

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The chimneys of the old Sant Adria de Besos power plant are an emblem of Barcelona, you can see them from pretty much everywhere. As they are not in use anymore, there has been talks about destroying them. But the people of Barcelona County decided to keep them as a symbol of the town’s industrial past. What will become of them, nobody really knows yet.

And yes, there are some moorings for luxury yachts just next to it. Nice touch, no?

Sant Adria

Where does the mountain end, where does the sky start… This are the 3 chimneys, symbol of Sant Adria de Besos, small town just north of Barcelona. Water, sky, clouds… Everything seems watery.
And yes, the thinggie on the right is a giant solar panel.

You probably guessed it if you follow this blog, this is, as pretty much every Wednesday, for Watery Wednesday. Please click right here, right now to visit the many other blogs doing the same thing today, posting a watery photo.