Barcelona, a photo a day


Them as well.

What medieval festival would be complete without them? Yes, them, the Spanish Inquisition. We’re in Spain, after all.
So, these people were walking around, shouting “repent” and, should you show the right level of contrition, “ego te absolvo”.
But, probably just in case, the hangman was there as well. You never know, might come in handy.
And I absolutely love the guy in the back’s moustache!

Glass, and a smile, please!

Despite of the massive attraction offered this afternoon by the final of the Redbull Airrace, 1.200.000 reasons decided us to go to a small medieval festival in Sants. Monks, priests, peasants, knights, doing a lot of medieval things, and selling even more (it was organized by the shop owner’s committee). Some nice things, like this guy trying to make a glass, and trying not to freeze to death under the icy stare of the lady in the back. She obviously didn’t like being on this picture.
Lots of food as well, of course!