Barcelona, a photo a day


Funny telecom

Unedited, as seen on the Rambla del Raval.

June theme day: funny signs

Well, it is the first day of the merry month of… june. The nice weather is coming back, the spirits are high, the juices are flowing, the bees do their thing… Yeah, it’s theme day again!
Well, this is our funny sign.And yes, you can buy these pills in Barcelona, next to the cathedral in the old town. Enjoy!

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A prize house

People love flowers. Most people anyway.
So, some people put some flowers in their houses. Some people put LOTS of flowers in their houses. Some even put giganormous lots of flowers in their houses, around their houses, on top of their houses.

And you know what happens then??? They win prizes! And then, they get some signs tu put on the walls of their houses, saying ‘this is a most flowered house’. Or so. I don’t know if they win anything else than the admiring glances of their neighbors or passerbys. Or occasional tourists like us.

This said, this is a photo of one of these most flowered houses, in Sitges, in the city center. This house won many prizes, for many years. They were about twice more of these signs, but I somehow had to frame this photo, and I still wanted the signs to be recognizable.

One small thing though… It was winter, 2 months ago. Not a single flower to be seen, anywhere… So… I’ll be back!

Do they do the same where you are? Do they win prizes?