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Skywatch Friday


It is worth taking a Swallow, Golondrina, along the seafront, specially in the evening, the golden hour!

This is for Skywatch Friday, a fantastic meme! Just click here.

Skywatch Friday


I hope that you all had a good friday the 13th! Today’s post if for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

It was a nice Friday afternoon on the Barcelona seafront.

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Near the Paralel metro station, there are these 3 old chimneys. Don’t know anything else about them, sorry!

Skywatch Friday, right here!

Skywatch Friday

The sky above Pelai street, for Skywatch Friday.


One of the theaters on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. On in this one right now: Leo Harlem and Dani Delac√°mara, comics

Skywatch Friday

The sky above Plaza de Catalunya last weekend, for Skywatch Friday

Black and white Skywatch Friday

The Plaza Real in Barcelona is an absolutely beautiful square, in any weather or time of day/night. Here it is in monochrome, for Skywatch Friday and Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.

The street lamps on the side were designed by Antonio Gaudi himself.

Shooting into the sun 3

Over the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya, for Skywatch Friday.

Shooting into the sun…

…sometimes works.

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Leaving on a jet plane, aka post 1368

A nice blue and white sky, for this week’s edition of Skywatch Friday.

About leaving… We will be leaving Barcelona in May, if everything works out well. So, it will be the end of this blog, but… There will be another one! A photo a day from our new place. More about it later, still house hunting in the new place.The last post will probably be on May 10th, on our 4th blogaversary. So enjoy the last 3 months of Barcelona Daily Photo!

Skywatch Friday reflection

OK, maybe a few words of explanation for this one. Deep blue sky, some orange trees, a fountain, water…

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Dive into the light

Skywatch Friday, right here.

World’s end?

Here is one I made earlier. Happy end of the world, everybody! C ya all tomorrow!
Well, Skywatch Friday, of course!

Skywatch Friday

Yet another wonderful sunrise, as seen from my office yesterday morning, just before 8 AM. For Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

Blue sky over grey Barcelona. Skywatch Friday, right here!

November sky

Interesting sky yesterday morning above the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya

Skywatch Friday

A very grey and rainy Skywatch Friday!

Early morning…

The view from my office at around 7.45 AM, with the AGBAR tower in the back. No, it is not a giant suppository, it is the HQ of the water company!

It’s Friday!

And it’s Skywatch Friday!

Skywatch Friday

Right here.


… on Friday

Setting sail in the clouds

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Skywatch Friday

Please check out Skywatch Friday, right here!