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Skywatch Friday


It is worth taking a Swallow, Golondrina, along the seafront, specially in the evening, the golden hour!

This is for Skywatch Friday, a fantastic meme! Just click here.

Skywatch Friday


I hope that you all had a good friday the 13th! Today’s post if for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

It was a nice Friday afternoon on the Barcelona seafront.

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Near the Paralel metro station, there are these 3 old chimneys. Don’t know anything else about them, sorry!

Skywatch Friday, right here!

Skywatch Friday

The sky above Pelai street, for Skywatch Friday.


One of the theaters on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. On in this one right now: Leo Harlem and Dani Delacámara, comics

Skywatch Friday

The sky above Plaza de Catalunya last weekend, for Skywatch Friday

Black and white Skywatch Friday

The Plaza Real in Barcelona is an absolutely beautiful square, in any weather or time of day/night. Here it is in monochrome, for Skywatch Friday and Dragonstar’s Weekend in Black and White.

The street lamps on the side were designed by Antonio Gaudi himself.

Shooting into the sun 3

Over the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya, for Skywatch Friday.

Shooting into the sun…

…sometimes works.

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Leaving on a jet plane, aka post 1368

A nice blue and white sky, for this week’s edition of Skywatch Friday.

About leaving… We will be leaving Barcelona in May, if everything works out well. So, it will be the end of this blog, but… There will be another one! A photo a day from our new place. More about it later, still house hunting in the new place.The last post will probably be on May 10th, on our 4th blogaversary. So enjoy the last 3 months of Barcelona Daily Photo!

Skywatch Friday reflection

OK, maybe a few words of explanation for this one. Deep blue sky, some orange trees, a fountain, water…

Skywatch Friday, right here! And some weekend reflections here.

Dive into the light

Skywatch Friday, right here.

World’s end?

Here is one I made earlier. Happy end of the world, everybody! C ya all tomorrow!
Well, Skywatch Friday, of course!

Skywatch Friday

Yet another wonderful sunrise, as seen from my office yesterday morning, just before 8 AM. For Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

Blue sky over grey Barcelona. Skywatch Friday, right here!

November sky

Interesting sky yesterday morning above the fountains on Plaza de Catalunya

Skywatch Friday

A very grey and rainy Skywatch Friday!

Early morning…

The view from my office at around 7.45 AM, with the AGBAR tower in the back. No, it is not a giant suppository, it is the HQ of the water company!

It’s Friday!

And it’s Skywatch Friday!

Skywatch Friday

Right here.


… on Friday

Setting sail in the clouds

Please check out the wonderful Skywatch Friday blog

Skywatch Friday

Please check out Skywatch Friday, right here!

Skywatch Friday

… and now to the weather report: mainly clear blue sky, with few clouds. Some vultures.
Yep, that’s the Festa Major in Gracia for you! And, as it is Friday, it is Skywatch Friday!

 And don’t forget: it’s monthly Theme Day soon! Here‘s the link (not open yet). The theme is: people watching. On your cameras, go! See you all on September 1st!

Skywatch Friday

The Tibidado hill, seen from between the hotels on the sea front, near Diagonal Mar.

Skywatch Friday, right here.

Skywatch Friday

The La Pepa, replica of a 17th century Spanish galleon. Galleons were the most universal Spanish ships, which played the lead on commercial and cultural relationships during more than 3 centuries, 16th to 18th, between Spain, the Americas and Asia. Or so says the provided information. They brought other stuff as well, far more evil and nasty. Anyway, the galleon is beautiful, and well worth a visit. Will come back to it later.

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Skywatch Friday

Sundown on Plaza de Espana, for Skywatch Friday

Waterworld Catalunya

For Skywatch Friday

There was an angel…

… watching over the market…

Skywatch Friday, of course.

Montserrat BW

A good view of the extraordinary settings of the Montserrat Abbey, for Skywatch Friday and the Weekend in Black and White.

Not a nude beach 2

I was in Sitges, 35 km/20 miles south of Barcelona, last Sunday. It was very hot, with a strange mixture of blue sky and very dark clouds. Therefore, this is for Skywatch Friday.

About the title… I posted this other picture with a similar title a few days ago…. and had a (not so) surprisingly high number of visitors. I am not into SEO, search engine optimization, but this is just… fun. We’ll see-)

Skywatch Friday

The sky over northern Catalunya, for Skywatch Friday.

Early morning

One very early morning, several weeks ago, on my way to work. The streets are so nice and empty at 7 AM!  The quality is not very good, as I took this with my phone.

Here is for Skywatch Friday, a bit late…

Skywatch Friday

One of the joys of HDR is that it can transform a boring grey sky into something rather dramatic. Did this one of Plaza Catalunya for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday in the wind

A celebration of wind energy was the main theme of this year’s Earth Festival, 2 weeks ago. So the organizers mounted a big…no idea what this is called… oh yeah: a pinwheel (thanks guys!) underneath the Arc de Triomf. And it was turning and humming in the wind… Here is a closer look, from behind.

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see other Skywatcher’s photos.

And yes, I missed the supermoon, and I’m extremely unhappy about it. Next time.

Under siege!

The governors of the European Central Bank are meeting in Barcelona. This means that Spain has opted out of Schengen for a week (not a good time to forgetting your passport if you’re heading our way). It also means that the city is very literally under siege, as some people might be after those poor little ‘innocent’ bankers. Heavily armed riot police everywhere, streets closed, traffic jams…I saw about 20 vans from the riot police speeding to… some action, I guess. Well, as it was lunchtime, maybe they were just hungry.
As it is forbidden to take photos of policemen/women, even the group of plain clothed ones next to our house, with their balaclavas (as I was reminded very rudely by some cop), I wont show you the photos I took  (hey, I’m living here, folks! Don’t want trouble!). Let’s hope I did not commit a crime by watching what was happening in the skies over our fair city. And taking a photo of it.

Well yes, Skywatch Friday of course!

Watching french skies

One early morning in the south of France. For Skywatch Friday.


Regular followers of this blog will already know that we spent a few days in Montpellier, south of France. This was one evening on the place de la Comedie.

Skywatch Friday, of course!

Easter Sunday

Early morning on Easter Sunday, in Montpellier, France…

Skywatch Friday, bien sur!

Skywatch Friday

Watching the sky from the top of the cathedral…

We’re off and away for a few days. Will try to post anyway. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everybody!

Skywatch Friday, right here.

Skywatch Friday in Ciutadella Park

Beautiful skies this day. Not so blue right now, spring started with the first rain in months.

Skywatch Friday, right here.

One morning, going to work…

Skywatch Friday, of course.

Weekend reflections in Horta

Yet another view of the gardens in Horta.

Good shot for Weekend Reflections! And for Skywatch Friday as well.

Skywatch Friday

One of the many fireworks in town during the year, for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

Things one can see in the sky in Barcelona. Skywatch Friday.

A big light in the sky…

Well, this is it, the big 1000. 1000 posts, in exactly 33 months. Thanks to all of you, the 491 followers, the 150.002 visitors (as I write this), and a special thanks to all of you who left a comment or 2. Or 200.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to visit Skywatch Friday!!!

Skywatch Friday

Some clouds rising from the sea behind the W hotel, for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday

Flying across the blue sky.. Photo courtesy of Mandy, for Skywatch Friday.

Skywatch Friday, season 5, episode 28

The things you can see in the sky…. As seen by Mandy.

Skywatch Friday, right here.

Skywatch Friday, aka post 972

And one more early December sunrise, for Skywatch Friday. It kind of gladdens my mind to see this just before starting my working day at 8 AM.

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday.
Photo courtesy of Mandy

Skywatch Friday season 5, episode 25

Splendid sunrise, but God, was it cold! Skywatch Friday, right here.

Yet another friday…

… spent watching the sky. Well, this photo was taken last Tuesday from my office, around 7.50 AM, with my phone. Yet another magnificent December sunrise above the Torre Agbar.
You will want to see Skywatch Friday, wont you? It’s here.

Skywatch Friday

The sky over Barcelona yesterday at lunch time, as blue as it gets. Skywatch Friday, right here!

Skywatch Friday

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.  ~George Elliot

Skywatch Friday, right here.

Winter is coming

Seems the weather is changing in the mountains, high up at the catalan-french border. I haven’t heard about snow yet, but when it will be here, this will be the best way moving around.

This is, as every friday, for Skywatch Friday.

Mister Blue Sky(watch Friday!)

None other than Mister Christopher Columbus himself, who graciously accepted to pose for Skywatch Friday. Very nice of him. Mille grazie, Signore Colombo! Did anybody tell you that you’re looking towards Italy? America is right behind you.

And happy 11.11.11 to everybody!!! Will think of you all at eleven minutes past eleven.

Other news. I have been struggling with my health lately, and my good doctor just gave me 3  1/2 weeks of forced holidays. Therefore I will finally browze your blogs again, whenever I’ll be feeling better. 

(Video removed as it seemed to have a virus attached)

Black and White Skywatch Friday

OK, a few ‘trade secrets’. I took 3 photos, with a 0,7 bracket (with 0,7 dioptries difference between each photo). Ideally, these photos should be taken with your camera on a tripod, but it works if you’re really steady.
Passed the photos through a HDR program, Photomatix Pro, version 4.1. Tonemapped it, changed it into black and white using Picasa, worked a bit with saturation and shades. Et voila!

All this for 2 of my favorite weekly memes, Skywatch Friday and the Weekend in Black and White.

Skywatch Friday, high in the mountains

Skywatch Friday, right here. Right on time for the weekend in black and white!

Weather update: rain rain rain, for the next couple of days. Which is a very good thing, as the catalan water reserves are very depleted after 6 months of quasi rainless summer.

Skywatch Friday

The skyline, as seen  from my office at around 7.45 AM. Getting a bit cold in the morning now, had to wear a light jacket for the first time since march.

Skywatch Friday, a wonderful meme. Check it out here.

Skywatch Friday

There are 4 international airports in Catalunya, Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Lleida. BCN airport, with it’s huge and brand new second terminal, is one of the big hubs in southern Europe. And that makes for magnificent skies! Very good for Skywatch Friday!


Part of the new shopping center in the former bullring. Some vents, I suppose.

Skywatch Friday

Over the roofs of the Eixample…

Skywatch Friday, click here.

Photo courtesy of Mandy, reworked by Rob.

3 flags…

…the Spanish…

… the French, with the world famous Patrouille de France
…and of course the Catalan flag were present at yesterday’s 20th annual airshow, the Festa al Cel. Very hot, lots and lots of people, 420.000 according to this morning’s papers. But what a show it’s been! 
Weather forecast for today and the rest of the week: 29 degrees, feeling like 30, mid eighties in some countries. Sunshine.
Hope you like the new panorama header! 10 photos stitched into one.

Skywatch Friday

The television emitter in the Collserola hills behind Barcelona, one nice summer evening. Summer is officially over, but we had 28 degrees centigrade today, low 80es in other countries. Going to the beach tomorrow.

Skywatch Friday, as usual, you should really click here!

Skywatch Friday

A nice and quiet sky above Barcelona a few days ago.

Yesterday was not only the first day of autumn but also the official start of the yearly Merce festival. La Mercè  is the annual festival (festa major in Catalan) of the city of Barcelona. It has been an official city holiday since 1871, when the local government first organized a program of special activities to observe the Roman Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Mercy, La Mare de Déu de la Mercè in Catalan. Although the actual feast day is September 24, the festivities begin a few days beforehand.

So, this weekend, big party! Hoping to see and to hear some good music, some major fireworks, giants, devils, human towers, Swan Lake… on a lake (yep), etc. Will show you all this, of course.

Meanwhile, this photo above is for the weekly Skywatch Friday meme. Click right here to see more about it!

Skywatch Friday

The silhouettes of young men…
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Skywatch Friday

The sky, one evening above the roofs of the square just behind your house.
This is for Skywatch Friday, as usual.

Something else. I came upon a website today, offering one of my photos to download. I don’t actually mind, except that they never asked. My photos, and yours as well, are protected by copyright.

So I wrote them. I haven’t received an answer yet. If they do not answer within a decent amount of time, and if they don’t remove my photo, I will name and shame them.

So, whoever you are, if you want to use one or several photos on this blog, please feel free. BUT PLEASE ASK ME BEFORE YOU DO IT!!! If you don’t, it’s a criminal offense, and I will need to take legal steps. This is my work of love, not yours!

Skywatch Friday

Blue moon, you saw me standin’ alone
Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me sayin’ a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper “please adore me”
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold
Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper “please adore me”
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold
Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue moon, now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Ella Fitzgerald

As I write this, it is still September 1st, our wedding anniversary. This is dedicated to my wife of 5 years.

And please have a look here. Some superb photos!

Skywatch Friday

Very high up in the Pyrenees Mountains, about half a meter away from France… The ski resort of Ordino-Alcalis in the Principality of Andorra, altitude 2826 meters, or 9300 feet.

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Skywatch Friday

Having a drink on top of the hotel next door… Nice.

Skywatch Friday, here!

Skywatch Friday

One late evening on Avenida Maria Cristina, taking pictures for Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

It is brutally hot in Barcelona, so let us escape to some fresher pastures… This is Lough Corrib, in Connemara, in the Gaeltacht west of Galway, in Ireland. And the mountains are some of the 12 Bens. Aaaaahhh,a breath of fresh air!

This, of course, is for Skywatch Friday! Check it out!

Skywatch Friday

Sundown over the big TV emitter in the Collserola Hills, near Tibidabo.

Yep, this is our entry for the weekly Skywatch Friday meme. Much more here.

Skywatch Friday

And another SOOC, straight out of the camera, photo. The Plaza de Espana, late one evening, with the Barcelona Arena, former bullring turned into the latest shopping center in town.

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Skywatch Friday

One more photo from my trip to France, a few weeks ago. It’s not Barcelona, but it’s still northern Catalunya. Photo as I took it, straight out of the camera, for once.
This, of course, is for Skywatch Friday! Click here!

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday, once again.

And today is our cat’s birthday! He is now 1 year old! Check his blog!

Skywatch Friday

Hmmmmm. Some hesitation tonight. Or not. Many of this blog’s friendly commentators asked me how I process my pictures. I mostly use a small and easy to use High Definition Range program, called Luminance HDR. To give you a better idea of what you can do with it, below is the original photo, SOOC, straight out of the camera. In this case, although I’m quite happy with the result of 3 minutes of playing around, I like the original best. What do you think?

It’s the same photo!!!

Once again, please click to see what others did for Skywatch Friday. Here.

Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday again! This is an archive photo, the sky over the biology research institute on the seafront.

We’re off to France again this weekend, yiipeee!

Skywatch Friday

Yes, it’s Friday! And I’m off to France till Monday, without computer, so it’s gonna be automated posting this weekend.

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Skywatch Friday

Over the clouds, once again. Skywatch Friday, check it out!

Skywatch Friday

A little composition, playing with Photoshop. All this for Skywatch Friday, of course!

Skywatch Friday

I posted this photo on another blog a few days ago, but I love it so much that I just have to show it here!
The shoreline, almost all of it. This photo works best if seen as big as possible. Enjoy all the other photos on Skywatch Friday as well!

PS… I think this is the second ever B&W photo on this blog, as we usually go for something rather more colorful (see the last 730 or so posts). I am learning the art of B&W (and I love it!), so tell me what you think of it.

Skywatch Friday

Had some fun reworking this originally pale and grey photo of Sitges for Skywatch Friday!!!

Dramatic Skywatch Friday

Nice dramatic sky off Sitges.

Check out Skywatch Friday, it is worth the visit!

Skywatch Friday

A nice evening on the beach, very recently.

Skywatch Friday, right here.

Ops, I just realized that yesterday was Thursday, one day late for Watery Wednesday. Oh well, must have been Wednesday somewhere!
And also, my apologies for not spending more time browsing your blogs, not much energy at the moment.

Fish in the sky with artsy hotel and big ball…

…aka this week’s Skywatch Friday post. Click here!

Skywatch Friday

The sky is on fire! And I’m having fun with my pictures! All this for a good cause, of course, as it is for Skywatch Friday. You too can contribute, by clicking here.

Skywatch Friday

This photo reminds me of an old song… Ueber den Wolken, muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein… Over the clouds, freedom must be without limits…

Skywatch Friday! Click here!

Skywatch Friday and monthly theme day

An old archive photo, on the beach 2 years ago, during the annual international fireworks championship. The absolute cutting EDGE of firework technology!!!
This photo is SOOC, straight out of the camera.

Skywatch Friday, here.

Today is also the monthly theme day. This month, the theme is: EDGE.

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Skywatch Friday

Over the clouds, once again…

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Skywatch Friday

The sky over Spain…

Skywatch Friday! Check it out!

Skywatch Friday

Right. I do have several other blogs running, one of them being a bit more experimental. I like to play around with my photos, using up to a dozen different programs, GIMP, Luminance HDR, Paint.Net and many more. I already posted the picture above on this blog, and I like it so much that, very exceptionally, I decided to post it here as well. It has only been slightly darkened and saturated. Little tip: it is worth shooting into the sun!!!
Only the best for Skywatch Friday!!!

Skywatch Friday

On the beach, last sunday…

Skywatch Friday! Click here!

Skywatch Friday

Yet another flamboyant early morning in Clot.

Skywatch Friday! Check it out!

Skywatch Friday

Going to work yesterday morning, this is the view I found waiting for me at my office. It kind of brightened what became a grey, cold and rainy day.

Skywatch Friday, folks! Click right here!

Skywatch Friday

During the Barcelona Air Show, last summer, with a 450mm lens…

Skywatch Friday, once again! Click here, and be mesmerized!

The elephant behind cloud 7!

Must be Dumbo, the flying elephant. Mandy spotted him!

Well, Skywatch Friday! Click and be amazed!

Skywatch Friday

This is what you get when you’re on a plane, and when you shoot straight into the sun, through the UV filtered plastic windows. Photo cropped, darkened, saturated, but not turned B&W. Lisbon, Portugal, down below.

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see more, it is a fantastic weekly meme!

Our weekly Thursday’s Food for Thoughts is still open! You can post any food related photos till Saturday night, Barcelona time

Skywatch Friday

One of my greatest pleasures when taking a plane are… clouds. Or rather: photos of the sky up there, at 30 or 35.000 feet. It is an enchanted world.

This is, of course, for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see many more enchanted and enchanting photos.

And thanks to all of you who posted something on yesterday’s Food for Thoughts meme. You can still do it, as it remains open till Saturday night.

Montjuic sky

Still on holidays, but on our way back. See you tomorrow!

Skywatch Friday

The circus is in town! We’re not, on holidays till tomorrow. See you then!

This is for Skywatch Friday. Please click here to see more heavenly pictures!