Barcelona, a photo a day


It’s all about taste…

A common if unsavory sight in many many of the tourists-oriented souvenir shops in the old town. Can’t remember having ever seen a local wearing this.
Anyway, which one would be yours, should you have to choose???

News. General strike in Spain today. As this blog is not about politics, I will only share with you what will be our life here today: barely any transport, some airlines cancelled all their flights, roads barred by dozens of manifestations, many shops closed… I am not going to work today, not willing to live in a country with 19th century labor laws. Here are some links if you want to know more

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…and all I got is this lousy TShirt!

Many of you will have seen those Tshirts saying: my grandma/parents/sister/and so on, went to… and all they brought back for me is this lousy Tshirt.
Well, here is a small sample of what you can buy (or not) here in Barcelona. Fuma means ‘smoke’, by the way.