Barcelona, a photo a day


AD 1570

441 years of Christmas market in Strasbourg… A few glimpses, a few impressions.


A nice and colorful merry-go-round,with a little difference…

If you check the top of the picture above,you will spot some ladies whose presence in something meant for children is… unusual. Or can you call it… classical educational pictures? Strange.
Anyway, as long as the little girl has some fun… But who’s driving her car? Her invisible friend maybe?


No, this is not Barcelona. This is my pretty hometown Strasbourg, in the Alsace region, north east of France, on the German border. It is a relatively old town, 2023 years, with a very chaotic history, sometimes French, sometimes German. It was even a Socialist Soviet Republic, for 3 days, at the end of WW1.
 Good wine, good beer, very excellent and cholesterol-rich food!

Tired. So tired.

Serious stuff!

I am originally from the north east of France, a region called Alsace. It is an area famous for many things, the Council of Europe, we have our own German dialect, and we have 7 wines, 6 whites and one rose/red.
And lots of beers. Although I don’t drink the stuff myself, this is serious business. The proof? This is the Beer Academy in Strasbourg!
Don’t have a lot of time lately to browse your blogs, back soon!