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Tour de France

Le Tour… is gone

After a very rainy day yesterday, with some accidents, today’s departure of the Tour was much dryer. No rain, not much warmer, a bit of sun. 224 km to Andorra.
I took this picture yesterday, sorry about the bad quality, was taken with an old phone.
For us living here, it was a bit of a nightmare. The routes of 60 bus lines have been changed, many roads barred, many Bicing stations closed (the bicycles you can rent everywhere). But it was the 3rd biggest event in Barcelona in 20 years, after the 92 Olympics and the ???? football world championship (need some help here with the dates!). IT WAS GREAT!!!
Anyway, if you want to see much better and sharper pictures of the Tour, please have a good look at Monte Carlo Daily Photo!

Le Tour de France in Barcelona!

Well, what a day!!! After 44 years, Le Tour came back to Barcelona! On the wettest day in months! It actually rained non stop almost the whole day, till about 4.30 PM, despite of the Mayor’s prayers. Those guys made 180 odd kilometers in the rain. At least, it stopped, 30 minutes before the end of today’s stage, Girona to Barcelona. I took a longer break from work (sorry, boss) to see them pass at the end of the street, armed with my phone. Got a few nice pics of the speeding cyclists, but I chose to post this picture, courtesy of my wife, a nice view of the speed involved… Suppose they were in a hurry to finish! Take a look at Monte Carlo Daily Photo to see wonderful (and sharp) pictures of the Tour!